On her third wedding anniversary, Mira Rajput looks for ‘best memories’ with Shahid Kapoor through his bad photos


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have been one of the most most sought after Bollywood star couple. They may have been married for only three years, but the constant media spotlight on both them makes it feel as if they’ve been together for eternity.

Mira Rajput

Mira too has grown in confidence individually and has formed a considerably large number of followers on Instagram. So, when the couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary on Saturday, Mira was once again at her creative best in wishing her ‘baby’ Shahid Kapoor.

Mira took to Instagram and posted a not-so-flattering photo of her husband as part of her Insta story. The caption on the photo read, “Bad pictures make for the best memories. This is why I love you. Happy 3 baby.”

Shahid and Mira had got married in 2015. They had their first child in 2016. Their daughter Misha Kapoor will turn two next month. Mira is currently pregnant with her second child, who too is expected to arrive in the same month.

Even after three years of married life, neither of them has lacked any enthusiasm on their public display of affection. Mira and Shahid would easily outsmart other Bollywood couple on PDA front.

#nofilterlove ❤

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Not too long ago, Shahid was seen eagerly attempting to hold Mira’s hand at the Mumbai Airport even at the cost of causing a brief embarrassment for himself. But this did not deter him and he kept trying until he was able to grab his wife’s hand.

Recently, Mira had hacked into her husband’s Instagram account and posted embarrassing photos of Shahid, but no one was complaining.  Shahid, for his part, had caused quite a flutter when he posted a photo of himself with wife Mira hugging him from behind. The photo became a topic of intense social media conversations with many detecting a tinge of optical illusion.

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Mira’s pregnancy too has been a subject intense media scrutiny as paparazzi followed every movement of her. Unlike her first pregnancy, Mira too has conducted herself with extreme confidence while dealing with nosy paparazzi. 


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