OMG! Did Salman Khan just reveal that Rashami Desai will be evicted from Bigg Boss again?


Salman Khan was menacing towards Rashami Desai on Saturday night as he brutally exposed her for being disloyal to her friend Arhaan Khan. This was after Rashami told Salman that she would vote for Aditya Vishal Singh to become the next captain. His warning to Rashami has come as a hint that she may soon be evicted.

Rashami Desai

While slamming Rashami, Salman also hinted that Rashami’s time in the Bigg Boss house may have come to an end and she will soon be evicted. Exposing her disloyalty towards her ‘friend’ Arhaan, Salman asked Rashami if she was not aware of the fact that the captaincy role also brought immunity. Salman reminded her that even though Arhaan was her friend, she wanted to back Vishal as the captain. “When it comes to saving you, Aditya will not save you,” Salman told Rashami adding that Arhaan would definitely have protected her if she had voted for him to become the captain.

Salman said, “You had made the same mistake earlier (by saving Mahira) and that eventually led to your eviction. You’ve repeated the same thing again. Hope you realise that life doesn’t give you a second chance.” This last line that ‘life doesn’t give a second chance’ was widely viewed as a hint that Rashami may be in for more distress in the days to come.

This was after the Bigg Boss host conferred the title of Slow Motion to the famous daughter-in-law of the Indian TV industry because of her lack of enthusiasm in the reality show after her return to the house.

Rashami was evicted out of Bigg Boss with Devoleena earlier. That was because Mahira Sharma was saved by that week’s captain Paras Chhabra despite polling the least number of public votes. Ironically, Rashami and Devoleena had left no stone unturned in making Paras Chhabra the captain without realising that his decision to save Mahira will ensure their own eviction.







  1. Whts does it matter, all hve to get evicted as ther only one winner so the sooner the bettr. The way Rashmi being targeted n wit the show being biased it’s bettr she goes home, n i wud nevr watch BB once she out of the house.. All playin games but Salman Khan only notices her doings, nonsense n biased host n BB.. We will n always will love Rashmi weather she in oh out of BB..


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