Not just Kapil Sharma, even Archana Puran Singh’s mother refers to The Kapil Sharma Show judge as ‘man’; actress ‘complains’


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show has become a rage of sorts because of her lockdown videos. The popular actress recently revealed how her popularity on Instagram had soared phenomenally as she amassed half a million followers on the Facebook-owned social media platform. But, even Archana did not quite anticipate that her own mother would validate Kapil Sharma’s ‘man’ jibe aimed at the Sony TV show’s judge.

Kapil Sharma

It so happened that Archana was engaged in light-hearted banter with her husband Parmeet Sethi as her mother also began to join her son-in-law in teasing her daughter. Parmeet had advised a career change for Archana asking her to become a ‘video man’ for wedding events since she was fond of recording off-the-cuff videos. Archana’s mother had agreed with Parmeet saying that one should have dignity of labour and no work was lowly.

Soon after Archana jokingly accused her mother of siding with Parmeet, she said, “Ok, even you call me video man. You called me a man. Now Kapil will say that ‘even your mother says you are a man’.” Unable to hold her laughter, Archana’s Mom replied, “Kapil keeps saying anything about you that you carry a bus in your hand.”

Archana added, “Bus? He says that I travel on two crocodiles.” Both Archana and her mother, however, agreed that Kapil was the heart of the Sony TV show.

Kapil Sharma addressing Archana as a ‘man’ had prompted Twitterati to slam the comedian in the past, but the veteran actress has often taken the joke in her stride. Archana had even produced video evidence to prove that Kapil’s light-hearted jibe of crocodiles had no truth.

Archana recently took to Twitter to flaunt her home-grown organic mangoes, causing mouth-watering moments for her fans. While sharing the video, Archana said that she would often tell her Mom as a child that one day ‘I will earn so much money that I will buy all the mangoes in the world.’

Archana wrote, “Woh bachpan mein aam churakar baageeche se bhaagna. Woh pakde jaana. Woh mummy ki daant.. “zyaada aam khaana accha nahin hota”… Phir Mummy ko woh jawaab dena: “ek din main itne paise kamaaoongi ki duniya ke saare aam khareed kar khaoongi!” Woh baalti mein aam bhigokar thanda karna… woh garmiyon ka betaabi se intezaar karna… SIRF islliye ki garmi ka mausam hai AAM ka mausam🥭 ONLY A MANGO LOVER will understand this post.”

Archana and other crew members of The Kapil Sharma Show have been forced to stay indoors for more than two months due to the nationwide lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic.


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