Nirmala Sitharaman’s reaction to Devdutt Pattanaik’s suggestion that Subramanian Swamy should replace her baffles Twitterati


Nirmala Sitharaman was recently seen getting provoked to the extent that she found herself drawn into reacting to a seemingly innocuous tweet posted by author Devdutt Pattanaik. As expected, Sitharaman’s reaction to Devdutt Pattanaik’s suggestion that BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy should replace her as the country’s finance minister left Twitterati baffled.

Nirmala Sitharaman

Taking to Twitter, Pattanaik had written arguing in favour of launching a campaign to see Swamy replace Sitharaman as the next finance minister. He wrote, “Remember the movement to get Kalam ji a second term? Can we start a campaign to get Dr. Subramaniam swami ( who actually knows economics) as finance minister? Why is he being ignored? Court conspiracy?” Pattanaik also tagged two right-wing propaganda portals Swarajya and OpIndia and mockingly asked if these two pro-Hindutva platforms, known for peddling fake news, were ‘up to this dharmik task?’

Pattanaik also used an illustration of Sitharaman in Hindu Goddes Laxmi’s avatar, as she was widely dubbed by pro-government TV channels just before she presented her maiden budget in July this year.

Pattanaik did not stop here. His subsequent tweet taking a dig at the finance minister’s image as Goddes Laxmi read, “This picture is really really Bad Vaastu for economy. Madam should have NEVER allowed it. But who cares for opinions of lowly people like me who actually read the scriptures? Again apologies for crossing line.”

Sitharaman could not resist her urge and reacted to Pattanaik’s tweet aimed at her. She wrote, “???”

Many were left baffled as to why a country’s finance minister will respond to an innocuous tweet posted by a celebrated author. Others argued that only if Sitharaman had cared to respond to ordinary Twitter users’ concerns about the economy, India may have avoided a prolonged economic slowdown.

On Monday, Sitharaman’s husband had written a hard-hitting piece in The Hindu newspaper asking the central government to embrace the economic legacy of former Prime Ministers Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh.


  1. Just join hands with our Finance Minister, so that our country can come to a good position.
    Subramaniya swami can find only mistakes, he is good in that let him continue that work enthusiastically.
    Our finance minister need all our support to win the battle of countries economy. Since it was ruined by many people in many ways. Be positive.

  2. Are you joking? Devdutt patnaik is a celebrated author? He is a leftist moron and a converted Christian…your portal is itself a leftist propaganda portal and you are spreading fake news about right wing portals. At least be neutral in news.

  3. Dr.Swamy is the only last option to BJP and Modi to not only save the country from the current imbroglio,but for the future of this nation.After handing over the FM job to Dr.Swamy with a free hand to hunt down the economic offenders cutting across party lines,and proceed with other progressive policies,Modiji can go his ways of belting rehtorics all the way on all platforms.

  4. Haram ki aulad Rifat the pig who deserves to be pork, will write only Hindu hate. The baffled twitterati can carry on abusing as they always have.

  5. While Sow.Nirmala sitraman is certainly a honest,hard working person(Less said,better it would be about the previous FM,the most harmfull,ignorant,arrogant,friendly to all family parties and congress,a favorite of Modiji,who liked Arun Jaitley’s English),she is fit to be comerce minister administering decisions like a strict high school head master,she is or for that mater anybody today will be a pale reflection of erudite,true nationalist with good knowledge of the law of the land,Dr.Subramantam Swamy who as FM with free hand will vanquish all family parties who looted our wealth and parked abroad.Modi must put country above his party,and give FM job to Dr.Swamy with free hand.

  6. The best comment I can make is ” what is the state of the economy at present”? ask your self that question. You will get the answer. ( In case you don’t here it is ” the economy is going downhill on greased rails thanks to ” Modicomics” another name for cow dung


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