New video reveals how Nita Ambani is immensely protective about daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta


Days after Nita Ambani, India’s richest woman, was seen showering praises on her daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta in a special birthday video, she made a rare public appearance with her bahu. The occasion was an art exhibition, where wildlife photos taken by Nita Ambani’s relatives were being showcased.

Shloka Mehta

Photos being exhibited were taken by Raj Salgaocar and Isheta Salgaocar. Isheta is the niece of Nita and Mukesh Ambani as the latter’s sister Dipti is married to Raj Salgaocar. Nita made an appearance at the exhibition with Shloka and Radhika Merchant, who’s rumoured to be in a relationship with Anant Ambani.

Nita was seen firmly holding the hands of Shloka and Radhika as the three women associated with the Ambani family arrived at the exhibition in Mumbai. While she occasionally left the hand of Radhika, the protective mother-in-law was seen constantly holding the hand of her bahu, who many netizens feel is pregnant.

Social media users instantly declared Nita a perfect mother-in-law. One user wrote, “Perfect mother-in-law.” Another user wrote, “Perfect family.”

This wasn’t the only time people saw just how loving Nita has been towards Shloka. In the birthday video for her daughter-in-law, Nita showed just how much she loved the newest member of her family. Speaking fondly about Shloka, she had said in the video that her daughter-in-law had become equally obsessive about cricket while cheering the family-owned team Mumbai Indians and the Indian team during the World Cup. She also said that she never saw her daughter-in-law without a book explaining how the Ambani bahu was crazy about reading.

Wishing his daughter-in-law, Mukesh Ambani had said in the video, “My dearest Shloka, happy happy birthday. you officially married my little prince and this year it’s your first birthday as Shloka Akash Ambani. How does it feel beta. I can tell you how we all feel and what have you got to our house. First and foremost, our home has become the biggest food destination in the world. We have menus for everything at home now.”

The speculation of Shloka’s pregnancy was first triggered by the birthday video released by the Ambanis. In the viral video, first Mukesh Ambani expressed his desire to become a grandfather by the time Shloka celebrates her next birthday. This was followed by Anant expressing his desire to become kaka (uncle) before Shloka’s next birthday. And if that was not enough, a wink by her husband Akash almost gave it away that Shloka was already pregnant.

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries registered a substantial profit in the first quarter after Shloka became bahu with people calling the latter a lucky charm for the Ambanis. Shloka may be a lucky charm for the Ambanis, but she’s indeed a lucky bahu to have found such loving in-laws in Nita and Mukesh Ambani.


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