New twist in Bois Locker Room controversy; girl created fake account posing as boy to suggest gangrape plan


In a sensational turn of events, the Delhi Police have revealed that a girl had created a fake Snapchat ID posing as a boy to suggest gangraping another girl during her conversation with another boy. The screenshot of the said conversation had gone viral with it being wrongly attributed to the ‘Bois Locker Room’ chat group on Instagram.

Bois Locker Room

The Delhi Police had arrested the admin of the Instagram chat group ‘Bois Locker Room’ and detained another minor in the case. The admin, who studies in Noida, had appeared for Class 12 examination this year. The cops had also identified 22 users in connection with the chat group, which was accused of sharing objectionable images of underage girls.

According to the new revelation, the girl, who created a fake Snapchat ID posing as ‘Siddharth,’ had done so to test the moral values and the character of the other boy engaged in the conversation. Now, the Delhi Police have confirmed that the said screenshot was ‘not in any way related to the Bois Locker Room.’

Quoting Anyesh Roy, deputy commissioner of police (cyber crime unit), news agency PTI reported that the investigation had revealed that the Snapchat conversation was actually between a girl and a boy. The girl suggested a plan to gangrape another girl to the boy by posing as Siddharth, but the boy declined to be a part of that crime. The boy, instead, reported the conversation to his friends including the girl, who this fake ‘Siddharth’ had suggested to gangrape.

Cops have, however, said that that no action will be taken against the girl since here motive was not ‘malicious.’


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