New PUBG poster leaves Thane Police worried, call for ban grows in UAE


Amidst growing concern over adverse ramifications of PUBG addiction, a new poster in Maharashtra recently left the Thane Police extremely worried. This was after several residents of Thane reported how a group of people had put up a poster in a neighbourhood in the city marking the area reserved for PUBG players.


Residents of Thane tagged the city police on Twitter to express their concern. The poster, written in Marathi, read, “This place is reserved only for PUBG game players.”

Local residents were quick to share the poster with the Thane Police.


Taking a dim view of the poster, the cops intervened and discovered that those responsible for the act were college students and had done so as part of a prank. According to local police, they were warned not to repeat this prank in future.

Last month, Rajkot became the first city in India to announce a ban on PUBG. City Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal had issued a notification that read, “It has come to our notice from various media that PUBGgame, MOMO challenge is leading to a violent attitude among youth. The game is also having an impact on studies as well as behaviour, conduct and language of children and youth… Keeping in mind public safety security and to maintain law and order, I hereby impose a ban on playing PUBG game.”

Meanwhile, a report by Khaleej Times said that parents in UAE had called for a ban on the popular online game because of the ‘bad influence on youth’ due to its ‘violent content and addictive nature,’

PUBG is an acronym for Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds. This is a multiplayer survival battle game developed by a South Korean firm.


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