New photos of Kapil Sharma reveals just how much he’s been through


There was a time when comedian-actor Kapil Sharma ruled the TV industry with even top Bollywood actors making a beeline to appear on his show, The Kapil Sharma Show. Making an appearance on his show was deemed as an achievement for any celebrity. You hadn’t really arrived until you appeared on his show.

Kapil Sharma

But, fame and success, when not handled with utter responsibility, can result in spectacular fall from grace. One small episode of arrogance is capable of pushing even the most powerful into oblivion forever. That’s precisely what seems to have happened with comedian Kapil Sharma.

A mid-air brawl with his trusted lieutenants namely Sunil Grover aka Doctor Mashood Gulati and Ali Asgar aka Nani triggered the beginning of what was termed as Kapil’s end. Sunil and Ali quit the show along with Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra. All four were the mainstay of his show.

His show suddenly started to lose the much-needed TRP, thereby adversely affecting both his health and the health of his TV show. Soon, he earned notoriety for not turning up for the shoot even as his top celebrity guests waited for him in utter exasperation.

This led to Sony TV taking the show off air. Kapil came with a reincarnated version of his show on the same channel few months later. But Family Time with Kapil Sharma lacked the spark that his previous shows had. This show did not last beyond three episodes. People familiar to him said that the actor had slipped into deep depression by then. “That was the reason why he could not turn up for the shoot even for Family Time..,” said source.

In one show, Rani Mukherjee had to return without recording the programme since Kapil refused to turn up on the set.

The actor was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport and he looked beyond recognition. Apart from his excess weight, the other striking feature were his eyes and swollen face. This, his friends said, have been a result of his excessive drinking. In depression the comedian actor seems to have turned to alcohol for solace.

He had recently made a brief Twitter appearance, when he promised to his fans to return to his old shape, but the latest photos don’t give any indication of a recovery. If anything, they would make his fans sad that a person, who put a smile on millions of faces around the world has himself become a symbol of sadness.

We wish the talented comedian all the best and hope that he reclaims his glory as the undisputed comedy king on Indian TV.


  1. Why should we worry about this persons personel problem with alcohol or abusing friends ? He has fallen from great height in life and learned lesson (i hope).Leave him alone if he wants so.To digest sucess is some time not possible for every body.


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