Neha Kakkar can’t stop laughing after Indian Idol contestant makes failed attempt to enter Alia Bhatt’s house


An Indian Idol contestant’s failed attempt to meet his screen idol Alia Bhatt evoked plenty of laughter on the singing reality show on Saturday night. While singer and judge Neha Kakkar struggled to control her laughter, special guests Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal looked at the development with a sense of amusement.

Indian Idol

It all started after a contestant sang an old Kumar Sanu song from Aashiqui. No sooner did he complete his performance, Neha Kakkar teased him saying, “When you were singing, I actually felt that you were singing for Alia (Bhatt).”

The contestant in the past had said that he had a crush on Alia. The show’s host, Aditya Narayan, said that he had a clip to show about the contestant. “Every fan dreams to see his idol’s house one day,” Aditya said. He continued, “Rishabh had taken an auto-rickshaw to see Alia Bhatt’s house. Let’s see if Rishab could meet Alia or not.”

In the video broadcast by Sony TV, the Indian Idol contestant from Punjab was seen catching a rickshaw to go to Alia’s house. He was carrying a bouquet and box of chocolates for his screen idol. His attempt to travel to Alia’s house caused a series of comedy. First, one auto driver stunned him by asking, “I don’t know. Who is this Alia Bhatt?”

His comments evoked quite a shocking response from Neha Kakkar, who asked, “Did he just say ‘who Alia Bhatt?” I mean really!”

The contestant Rishabh finally managed to find a driver, who claimed to know the residence of Alia. But, soon it emerged that he too was bluffing as he took the Indian Idol contestant to Ajay Devgn’s house.

After a lot of struggle, when the contestant reached Alia’s house, he found the entrance door closed. He told a guard, “Brother, I want to meet Alia Bhatt.” “No, you can’t meet. Many people come here to meet her,” the guard abruptly asked him to leave.

Neha Kakkar and another judge Vishal Dadlani could not stop their laughter looking at the predicament of the contestant after being told off by Alia’s guards. Singer Kumar Sanu told the contestant to not lose heart and draw solace from the fact that he had at least managed to see the house of his idol.

Meanwhile, Alia has sent a video message for Rishabh thanking him for creating a song dedicated to her.

Sanu was a special guest at Indian Idol show with the other guest being singer Anuradha Paudwal as contestants performed to their hit songs from the past.


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