NDTV journalist faces harassment by right-wing supporters in London


An NDTV journalist on Sunday took to Twitter to allege how a group of Indians protesting against the Pulwama terror attack had harassed her in London. Radhika Iyer alleged that she was ‘hooted’ for working for NDTV.

Her tweet read, “I was at a protest march by some Indians in London against the terror attack in J&K. I was interviewing some people, when the crowd cornered me. Hooted me for being associated with NDTV. A lady said ‘you cannot be here’. One man said ‘ if you are an Indian, say bharat mata Ki jai‘.”

Her subsequent tweet read, “This was a protest by Indians and people of Indian origin in London. Against terrorism. When suddenly in the middle of it, the focus was on me and the media channel I am associated with. I felt cornered, vulnerable and isolated amidst so many of my own fellow Indians!”

A Twitter user Pradeep Agrawal replied to her tweet and posted the video of the protest in question. He wrote, “That’s incorrect ma’am. I was there, very few people shouted against NDTV that I agree but didn’t hoot at you.”

In the video, a group of people that also included a man carrying a little child on his shoulders shouting ‘Down Down NDTV’ slogans without any provocation from Iyer. Soon, some of them are also heard hurling expletives in the presence of children.

These Hindutva fanatics often invoke Bharatiya sanskar or Indian values while flying the flag of fake nationalism. The protest against the Pulwama attack in London appeared ironic in so many ways. First, these so-called patriots left India to settle in England as they clearly did not find their motherland worthy of living. Secondly, they were using expletives in the presence of their children, thereby throwing the so-called Indian values out of the window. Third, what kind of bravery one displays by harassing a fellow Indian, also a woman, surrounded by a group of violent hoodlums?

Writer and academic Ashok spoke for millions, when he wrote, “Hindu Diaspora lives in multi-cultural democracies, fights to protect its own rights as a minority, but at the same time, supports BJP in the homeland, which is anti-minority. Moreover, diaspora lives peacefully in luxury but wants the countrymen to fight war & kill themselves.”



  1. Very Juvenile of you to think that Indians living in London or any NRI is not a patriot. Here is Piyush Verma’s answer answer for you (Quora)– “The first herd of people who criticize NRI’s as traitors are the ones who dreamed of living abroad but couldn’t make it ( reasons could vary), and the second herd are of those people who don’t actually know what an NRI is.

    And living in this country doesn’t make people a patriot. Sitting in your surroundings and thinking ” I love my country” is not a certificate of patriotism. If you are making an effort to make India a better place then you are a real patriot.

    (NRIs are less patriotic: So by saying less patriotic, do they mean that NRIs do not love their motherland and they do nothing good for their motherland? I would like to ask them how much their great-grandfathers loved their village while they moved to a town or how much their grandfathers loved their town when they moved to a city and how much these guys love their city when they are ready to relocate to Bangalore/ Mumbai/ Hyderabad or any metro for a better opportunity or life. It is completely okey when people leave behind their villages/towns etc and migrate to a city/metro for a better life and jobs but it is something wrong when someone goes abroad for the same reason. They find it difficult when one asks them about they have done to their village/town after they moved to a city/metro. If all such people did something for their mother village/ mothertown India would have been in a much better position now. After all, we know that villages are the backbone of our country.)

    Now just to bring a little perspective about the contribution of NRI’s, donation to several NGO’s comes from NRI’s. The list is long. About one-third of the donations, AAP received for Delhi election was from NRI’s. They just don’t sit there and brag about living abroad, most of them contribute to the development of the nation.

    NRI’s are not people who landed on a different part of the earth just to enjoy their life. They are the same as us, working hard in a different nation, to make living and also to make a good name of India, wherever they are staying.
    “The grass is not always greener on the other side, we just tend to think so”

    And please, don’t get me started on Greed for money. “

  2. That’s the reason because your colleague suspended nidi seti .it obsely people in London may watched your colleague Twitter maybe the. express their anger.

  3. OK agreed wtever u just omitted but let me tell you, is there any sin for you people to say BHARAT MATA KI JAI.
    If yes then will face even more.

  4. Your bloody writer is an antiIndian I don’t doubt at all. Spreading wrong message across the nation. Shame on you animals. You just seem to be ani Hindu too. Now that fake news spreaders will be dealt with more seriousness, you had it.

  5. NDTV’s reporter was teasing our soldiers’ death for which she was “admonished”. Seriously? That channel is first to JKR when it comes to being anti national.

  6. Serves her right..all supporters of NDTV channel shall be boycotted.Their very existence is so repulsive. Barka dutt, siddhu, sardesai all these low level creatures shall be thrown out of Bharat.. Or better deport them to their fav. nation Pakistan.

  7. Janta ka reporter is a pro-Scamgress portal just like NDTv. Both are part of the Lutyens media and both should be blacked out. JkR, just STFU and do some real reporting for heavens sake.


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