Naseeruddin Shah in Amnesty video: “Those who demand rights are being locked away, journalists being silenced”


Veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah has said that that those who demanded rights were being locked away and their office premises raided, while journalists were routinely being silenced. In a special video for Amnesty International (watch below), Shah also said that wall of hatred were ‘being erected’ and ‘innocents are being killed.’

Naseeruddin Shah

He said, “Those who demand rights are being locked away. Artists, actors scholars, poets are all being stifled. Journalists too are being silenced. In the name of religion, walls of hate are being erected. Innocents are being killed.”

“Had we dreamt of a country where there is no space for dissent? Where only rich and powerful are heard, and where the poorest and most vulnerable are forever oppressed? Where there once was law, there is now only darkness,” the noted actor added.

Last month, Shah had courted controversy for saying that he felt angry over how the death of a cow was being given more importance than the murder of a police officer. He said that he worried about his children in the new India.

Responding to his comments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had flippantly told news agency ANI, “Before every elections, some people start detecting intolerance. This is part of an individual agenda, I don’t need to comment on that.”


  1. Then why is he living in India? He clearly said Pakistan is better. Why not go there?He inside knows the reality. Everything he is saying has been done by Congress during Emergency. This “entertainer” with no brain is confusing BJP with Congress.
    Pity. Either he is congressi paid agent, or saying because he is Muslim. Pity on these illiterate people.

  2. Yes Mr. Sahi, I supported ur statement for ur concern of ur kids but now u are unveiled with agenda. In fact now u are extending ur role of sarfarosh and it seems u are a true Muzaheed. Better u shift with it family in Pakistan for their safety and ask for help from General Sahab. If Govt raid any organisation, means silencing their voices? Then he should stop raiding it your baap Malya and Neerav Modi, because these ppl had been arranging lavish launch for u ppl? U are a OGW terrorist to extend support Naxals and their group. I suggest donot come across ATS, who must shoot out barking dogs before their operations.


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