Narendra Modi on his relationship with Muslims and why Muslims don’t trust BJP


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that he never distinguished between Hindus and Muslims. Speaking to a news channel, Modi, who was recently seen provoking Hindus in a rally in Maharashtra, said that he never saw Indians through the prism of religion.


Responding to a question on his relationship with Muslims and why Muslims do not trust the BJP, Modi told ABP News, “Sachchar Committee was formed during the Manmohan Singh government and that Sachchar Committee had come to Gujarat. I was the state’s chief minister then. They asked me, ‘Modi ji what has your government done for Muslims?’ I said that I told them my government had done nothing for Muslims and will not do anything for them. I also told them that my government had done nothing for Hindus too. My government worked for the people of Gujarat.”

His comments came just days after he was accused of provoking Hindus during an election rally in Maharashtra, where he alleged that Congress President Rahul Gandhi had decided to contest from Wayanad because Hindus were in ‘minority’ there. His comments were factually wrong since the percentage of Hindus living in Wayanad stood at close to 50%, according to 2011 census.

In 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, he had faced condemnation for dividing the community along religious lines by using the shamshan, qabristan jibe at the then Samajwadi Party government.

Modi was also asked if he agreed with those from his party, who asked Muslims to go to Pakistan since they did not support him or the BJP. Modi said, “I don’t support such language.” ABP journalist reminded him that he did not take action against them either. To which, Modi replied, “Who says we don’t act against them. My party takes firm action against them. Will it be deemed action only when it’s published in the media?”

When asked if his party should have fielded more Muslim candidates to win the community’s hearts and minds, Modi said that his party had made APJ Abdul Kalam the country’s President.


  1. What is the purpose of this article?You want to make Modi ji a Muslim bhakth to create dis belief among Hindus ? Pl don’t play communal rift with this gentleman PM.He is neutral with all religions.He is not a HINDU vadi as his enemy gang call him!!


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