“Mumbai meri karmbhoomi aache”: Arnab Goswami left red-faced after he confuses Marathi with Bengali and Hindi as Republic TV founder seeks desperate help after CEO’s arrest


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami appeared on his TV channel on Sunday to make a desperate appeal for help after the Mumbai Police arrested his CEO Vikas Khanchandani in the Fake TRP Scam case. As he roared on his TV channel, he confused Marathi with Bengali and Hindi in a bid to prove his association with Maharashtra. Also, much to his discomfort, netizens rejected his appeal accusing him of comprising his journalistic values.

Arnab Goswami

A visibly shaken Goswami also appealed to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to sack Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh. He said, “It is important and incumbent upon Mr. Uddhav Thackeray to act against Param Bir Singh.” Goswami said that the TRP agency BARC had given his channel a clean chit in the case.

Goswami claimed that he had evidence suggesting that the case against his channel and colleagues was baseless. He, however, said that he was loyal supporter of the rule of law to explain why he had not made those evidence public.

Goswami said, “I want to hear the support of the people of India. Speak up for Republic now.” He accused the Maharashtra government of deliberating forcing him to leave Maharashtra. Goswami said, “The Uddhav Thackeray government wants me to run away from Maharashtra. Why should I leave?”

Claiming his association with Maharashtra, Goswami attempted a line in Marathi as he said, “Mumbai meri karmbhoomi aache.” Realising that he had uttered a Bengal word aache,  Goswami corrected himself by saying, “Mumbai maajhe karmbhoomi aahe.” 

However, his appeal was instantly rejected by an overwhelming majority of Twitterati. One wrote, “Why should we support as you also stopped telecast of Truth. You are not a symbol of Truth & Justice but only was a warrior who has turned into a selfish human being.”

Another wrote, “Well done Mumbai Police. When is Mr. Goswami going to be your guest again?” “What happened to two dead bodies theory in Sushant suicide case and pointing finger at Thakrey and Pawar’s. Congratulations Mumbai Police,” commented another user. (sic).”

The Mumbai Police on Sunday arrested Republic TV CEO Vikas Khanchandani in the Fake TRP scam days after the Supreme Court rejected Arnab Goswami’s pleas seeking protection from arrest and transfer the case to the CBI, which reports to the Centre’s BJP government. Khanchandani was arrested from his home in Mumbai before being produced before a city court.


  1. Is he for real? I mean, he’s a Bengali but can hardly speak the language. Now he wanted to prove his deep association with Maharashtra but ended up shaming himself. Dear Mumbai Police, invite him to your custody.

    • Mam, if you dare the same reply to shiv sena on their wrong doings, that has been proved many times by the court, you will also get the same results of being arrested by the mumbai police.

  2. Arnab Goswami is not a Bengali. He is a radical Assamese chauvinist. I am from Assam The word “Ache” is used in Assamese also. Stupid ignorant most Bengalis from outside Assam think that he is a Bengali. We are proud of him.

  3. Details of previous TRP SCAM by TRP SCAM MASTER REPUBLIC TV…. On May 31, 2017, Doordarshan sent a letter to Republic TV managing director Arnab Goswami and CEO Vikas Khanchandani. Marked “most immediate” and written by a section officer in the office of director general, Doordarshan, the letter read, “It is stated that Republic TV channel has not been placed on the DD Free Dish platform by Doordarshan. However, the channel has claimed that it is available on DD Free Dish platform. This amounts to fraudulent misrepresentation of facts.”

  4. A few months ago he was behaving like ” Gunda ” on TV , now the law is taking its course, Arab, count on your angels to save you. Just remember if you do good the aam janta will stand with you.

  5. If Arnab speaks for SSR only then is he honest and truth? He went to jail fighting for SSR. Should we not give him that benefit of doubt? Is Arnab shellfish? Calling him names now, what does that speak about us? In some way or the other Arnab has always fought for each one of us! Kudos to him and Republic team♥️

  6. You people hasn’t taken the onus from all netizens.. There are a lot of people like us who are behind Arnab and Republic tv. The rest,you’ll be replied in 2024

  7. He is conspired in suicide of Naik. Why should somebody support him. Thanks Mumbai police, send him to Taloja. His channel will sure to shut. Kisan protestors running behind his reporters.

  8. Republic TV should be banned as it spells only
    hatred among the people specially Hindus and
    Muslims .
    Plus it’s a one track channel which is called “Godi Media”, which is not good for the common
    people only misleading people, sometimes Arnab Goswami talks like a “Tapori”, actually that’s his real identity. Should be put behind bars.

  9. Agenda 1 :- Tabligh jammat!! TRP target reached,but fake news.
    Agenda 2 :- Sushant case !! TRP target reached, but fake agenda.
    Agenda 3:- Maharashtra govt!!

    Main focus left behind:-
    1) GDP
    2) LPG subsidy withdrawn
    3) Farmers protest

    Still some illeterates supporting him, shame on them….WTF act.

    Arnab is not a journalist, but a good businessman who is earning by any means suitable to earn, thats it ,with govt support.


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