Mumbai-based actress rescued after police raid high-profile prostitution racket at 5-star hotel


Just weeks after several Telugu actresses were found to have been lured into prostitution racket abroad, police in Hyderabad have busted a high-profile prostitution racket before rescuing a Mumbai-based actress.

The racket was busted after police in Hyderabad raided a five-star hotel in posh Banjara hills neighbourhood. The actress rescued is described to be a 24-year-old native of Agra and has been working in bhojpuri films in Mumbai. Police have arrested two pimps in connection with the sex-racket.

According to reports, cops were alerted by their informers about the prostitution racket inside the said five-star hotel. They raided the hotel on Saturday night and arrested the brothel organiser A Janardhan Rao along with a customer, who is a government employee, PTI quoted a police statement.

The client is a government employee from Gurgaon, Haryana, while Rao, a habitual offender, is believed to be a resident of Hyderabad who hails from Andhra Pradesh, reported IANS.

Rao is a “habitual brothel organiser” and has previously indulged in luring upcoming film actress from Mumbai into “flesh trade” in and around Hyderabad. According to reports, Rao would pay the actress Rs 1 lakh every week but charge Rs 20,000 from her customer.

During investigation it was found that Rao and other absconding accused lured film actresses from Mumbai and other states for sexual exploitation on weekly contract basis by paying them Rs 1 lakh for a week and they (accused) used to collect Rs 20,000 from each customer, the release added.

The cops have also seized several mobile phones and Rs 40,000 from the accused.

In June this year, law enforcing agencies in the US had arrested one Modugumudi Kishan and his 31-year-old wife Chandra alias Vebha Jayam for allegedly running a sex racket involving young Telugu and Kannada actresses.

The businessman-turned-producer NRI allegedly had trafficked Tollywood and Kannada actresses into America for engaging in commercial sex with Indians on the pretext of performing at Telugu and other Indian conferences. The US agents had also identified at least five women from the Telugu and Kannada film industry, who were illegally taken into Chicago with for prostitution by Kishan and Chandra, a small-time Tollywood production manager couple.


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