Molestation case filed against Salman Yusuf Khan, winner of Dance India Dance reality show


A woman has filed a case against popular dancer Salman Yusuf Khan accusing him of molesting her on several occasions. The woman field the case in Mumbai’s Oshiwara Police Station on 30 January.

Salman Yusuf Khan

The woman, according to news agency ANI, is a dancer herself. In her complaint, she said that Salman had behaved with her inappropriately with his brother on at least two separate occasions.

According to her complaint, Salman’s manager had approached her in August last year, when she was in London for a dance performance. Upon return from London, she claimed to have met Salman at a coffee shop in Oshiwara Andheri. Salman, who was the winner of the Dance India Dance season 1 reality show, offered her to perform in Dubai with him, she claimed in her complaint.

The first time Salman allegedly touched her inappropriately was on the day he made the offer to perform in Dubai. The second time she was allegedly touched inappropriately by the dancer-choreographer and his cousin brother in UAE as they headed back to Dubai in a car.

The woman, according to reports, claimed in her FIR that she objected to the alleged inappropriate touch, Salman, according to her, said that such things were routine in Bollywood. She even alleged that Salman’s team had threatened her of dire consequences if she went public.

Speaking about his phenomenal success in the entertainment industry after he won a series of reality shows, Salman had told Filmfare, “It may sound  cliché but it feels like dream come true. It’s quite surreal for me. I still feel it’s a dream and please don’t wake me as this is what I always wanted.”

He had added, “Initially I used to say that I know Shah Rukh Khan and my friends used to laugh at me and say ‘does he know you?’ but now tables have changed. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan do know me and it feels good. I feel short of words when I think of my journey and I have to say that I’m living my dream.”


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