Modi’s supporter thanks PM for playing cupid, left stunned by wife’s counter tweets accusing him of torture


Just days after a BJP supporter became famous for thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for playing cupid, his wife took to social media to allege harassment and torture by the same man.

Narendra Modi

Last week a man, known as Jay Dave, took to Twitter to thank Modi for playing a role in helping him find his love on Facebook. In a long tweet with a photo of two of them in orange T-shirt that read ‘Namo Again,’ Dave wrote, “We married because of you @narendramodi ji! I commented on @RahulGandhi’s FB page in ur support and this beautiful lady from his constituency liked it. We talked, met and found out that we both support you because we both want to live for India, so we decided to do it together :)”

As expected his photo elicited a huge response before he deleted the tweet. He posted the screenshot of the deleted tweet and wrote, “Fact is just like Modiji, I m used to criticism and trolling, my commitment towards the nation is unaffected by what trolls. Jay Hind!.”

His story made headlines on several websites including Zee-owned DNA, Huffpost India and Firstpost.

However, it soon became clear why Dave may have deleted his tweet as the girl in the photo, his wife, too took to Twitter to reveal a dark reality of their relationship. In a series of tweets, Dave’s wife, Alpika Pandey, alleged how the man had been routinely torturing her ever since she tied the knot with him.

She wrote, “Here’s the other side of the story that you have been hearing about @thejaydave who met a girl on @facebook who liked one of his comments on @RahulGandhi’s page. They fell in love and got together as they both supported @narendramodi. Well, I am that girl.

“I am just 18 years old and he is 29 although his face doesn’t reflect so. First of all, he used my image without my knowledge and consent for his own benefit of publicity. He used this as a means to glorify his image in @BJP and social media. @CyberDost.”

She continued, “He tortured me both mentally and physically till the extent that I tried committing suicide. His family supported him in doing so. I didn’t have the freedom to even step out of their house without a member accompanying me in the name of honour. @ndtv @GujaratPolice @MinistryWCD.”

Tagging National Commission for Women, Alpika alleged that her loyalty to the PM’s follower was doubted to the extent that she would be asked to explain her long stay inside the washroom. She wrote, “My loyalty for him was doubted to the extent that he clarified many times what was I doing even when I was in the bathroom. I had to show him each and everything I did on my phone or he would snatch my phone away. He never respected my personal space. @NCWIndia.”

In her concluding post, Alpika wrote, “I seriously doubt if his feelings were true for me. Is this what a #modibhakt does in the name of bhakti??”

Alpika’s story left social media users stunned with even journalists expressing their shock.

The man has not posted any tweets since Alpika shared her horrifying experiences on social media.


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