Modi government suspends IAS officer for reporting Kapil Mishra’s hate video to Delhi Police, video removed by Twitter, YouTube


The Centre’s Narendra Modi government has suspended IAS Officer Ashish Joshi after he reported the hate video of revel AAP leader Kapil Mishra to the Delhi Police. In its order, the government said that Joshi had been placed under ‘suspension with immediate effect.’

IAS Officer

It further said, “During the priod of suspension, the said Shri Ashish Joshi will be paid subsistence allowance, which shall be 50% of his basic pay and allowance as admissible.’

This was after Joshi took note of Mishra’s video, calling for an attack on actors Kamal Haasan, Naseeruddin Shah, Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu, activists Kavita Krishnan and Shehla Rashid, lawyer Prashant Bhushan and journalist Barkha Dutt post Pulwama terror attack. He had urged people to enter their houses and drag them to roads to thrash them since they, according to him, were traitors.

Writing to the Delhi Police, Joshi had said that his video violated the IPC Penal Code and the IT Act. However, the Delhi Police, which reports to the Modi government, refused to take any actions despite Bhushan urging it to arrest Mishra.

Following a series of complaints, Twitter forced Mishra to remove the video from his time line. But, by then thousands of people had viewed and shared his inflammatory video.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, Mishra had defended his decision to upload the controversial video. Joshi, for his part, had faced incessant trolling from Hindutva fanatics on the microblogging site. Responding to his trolls, the upright IAS officer had said that his allegiance was only to the ‘Constitution of India.’ Some of the trolls had also managed to obtain his personal mobile number. Angry over the breach of privacy, Joshi had tweeted, “Question is how did the guy in Maharashtra come to know my mobile number & why wud he b bothered abt my letter to CP, Delhi So obviously someone briefed him to call me In other words there is an entire network/chain of such persons working in tandem.”

Responding to another troll on Wednesday, Joshi once again wrote, “Always High! Josh is part of my surname ‘Joshi’ 🙂 But my real Josh comes from the Constitution of India & not from an appropriated invocation from the film #Uri.”

Meanwhile, YouTube too has taken down Mishra’s offensive video.


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