MeToo vs 'I slapped him back': Geetanjali Arora's Facebook post critical of 'victims' goes viral


An online message by one Geetanjali Arora, mocking women, who’ve come forward with their MeToo stories, has gone viral on social media platforms. The message, which is being fervently shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, blames women victims for playing abla nari (weaker woman) card.
Geetanjali Arora
The viral message reads:
“Beautiful comments from a writer Geetanjali Arora on “me too”… You do me favors, I do you favors 30 years later lets call it “me too”… A strong woman does not wait 30, 20, 10 years to speak up, she slaps him on the first “bad touch” and knocks him out…

“Don’t hide your weakness, the favors in returns that you enjoyed and the work you got by “I was too scared” cry now… You were scared to say NO then because it was hard to stand up for what was right and you were scared to loose your status and position in the work place, so YOU CHOSE to accept the molestation and went back for more…
“Its very easy to play the abla nari card later and gain sympathy…The Shakti does not wait for a later date to speak up, she silences the evil on the spot… My thoughts on this nonsense of ‘me too’…I don’t have ‘me too’ stories, anyone who tried got a tight slap then and there and I was never afraid to walk out with my head held high – be it in a Job or relationship!!!
“Strong Women don’t have ‘me too’ sob stories, they only have – I slapped him back and scared the balls out of him… a short and simple essay.”
The topic gained momentum on Saturday when many activists took to Twitter to ask who Geetanjali Arora was. While the identity of the reported author of the viral content is not known, the ghost writer has found plenty of support on her stand. Arunima Chakravorty, principal of DPS Bhagalpur in Bihar, wrote, “Mee too is going to tarnish the relationships, please read it from Geetanjali Arora I am sharing with all of you… read, feel, understand and realise what we are upto.”
Author Kiran Manral wrote, “Much curiosity to read more from Geetanjali Arora whose jottings on #MeToo are being forwarded on Whatsapp like fastest finger first.”
Journalist Gargi Rawat asked, “Is she even a person or just some anti propaganda being propped up ??? #geetanjaliarora #metoo.”
Geetanjali Arora indeed wrote the post (below) on 9 October on her Facebook timeline. She has more than 22,000 followers on Facebook. But more than Facebook, her post went viral on WhatsApp.

On Saturday, BJP MP and veteran actor Kirron Kher too had said that she wished women had come forward with their MeToo stories a lot earlier and not waited for this long.


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