Meme fest on Twitter after Arnab Goswami faces police interrogation for more than 12 hours; FIR actress Kavita Kaushik heaps more humiliation on Republic TV founder


The Mumbai Police on Monday subjected Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami to an intense interrogation that lasted for ’12 and a half hours.’ This was in connection with his alleged hate speech in a bid to communalise the lynchings of three people in Maharashtra’s Palghar. Goswami failed to present his prime time show for his Hindi TV channel at 7 PM due to the police grilling and could only take part in his English debate show late in the night. The visuals of Goswami emerging out of the Mumbai Police station caused a meme fest on Twitter as FIR actress Kavita Kaushik once again decided to take a dig at the pro-BJP TV anchor.

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Soon after he left the police station, Goswami issued a statement, which read, “Well, I was called here. I was interrogated for 12 and a half hours today. I am here with my lawyer Mr. Sujay Kantawala. I am grateful to him for accompanying me for this 12 and a half hour interrogation. The interrogation that was done today was about my comments on Sonia Gandhi.

“I have made it very clear that I stand by my comments. I have made it absolutely clear that everything I have said is correct. I have said to the police my side of the story and they are completely satisfied. I have cooperated with the investigation under the notice which was given to me yesterday. And every single question that I have put including some of the facts which have been presented and the evidence which I have presented today. And I am completely confident that truth will prevail on this and any attempts to intimidate me would not work.”

But Twitterati decided to have their share of fun at Goswami’s expense. Here are a few examples;

Kavita Kaushik, who had recently lashed out at Goswami for his disparaging comments against Congress President Sonia Gandhi, once again decided to target the controversial anchor. Responding to a troll, who said that not many journalists had the capability to even speak to Goswami, Kavita replied, “That’s not called capability. That’s a matter of an individual’s taste.”

Goswami had courted controversy last week after he was accused of communalising the lynching of two Hindu monks in Maharashtra’s Palghar. This despite Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh making it abundantly clear that the killers of the two monks were also Hindus. Congress supporters filed dozens of FIRs against Goswami after he directly blamed their leader Sonia Gandhi for the Palghar lynching.

Goswami had to approach the Supreme Court, which moved with lightning speed to hear his case. As expected, the top court gave him three weeks of protection from arrest but asked the Republic TV founder to cooperate with the investigation.


  1. Yes Individual’s Tastes Are Bizzare. Arnab Failed To Realise His Utterances And Actions Were More Damaging To The Country’s Tattering Communal Veil Than That Of Owaisis And Pathans.

  2. Arnab is a coward, a disgrace to journalism, he should be arrested ASAP. Granting him 3 weeks time is like refusing to punish himm. Does the SC realise how unjust it has become or a government puppet?

  3. Arnab Is actually a Joker, during debate he knows only to ask question,and not alowing to answer from the participants sise. He know only to make a debate as fish market.l


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