Mel Gibson loves new Mad Max starring Tom Hardy


Mel Gibson has given Mad Max: Fury Road the thumbs up and even shared a joke with his former director at the film`s US premiere, George Miller has revealed.

Speaking at the Cannes film festival on Thursday, Miller – who has revived his popular film series after 30 long years – said Gibson was in good spirits at last week`s Los Angeles screening, despite being absent from the latest instalment in the franchise that made him a global star in the 1980s.
“I sat with him next to me, and Tom (Hardy, Gibson`s replacement) right behind us,” he told the media at Cannes. “We hadn`t seen each other for a long time.

It had been expected that Gibson would have a noteworthy cameo in Mad Max: Fury Road. Indeed, after appearing in last year`s The Expendables 3, which star Sylvester Stallone claimed he`d wanted Gibson to direct, there was talk of a quiet return to form and favour for the actor-director, whose box-office-topping status came crashing down after an anti-semitic outburst following his 2006 arrest on a drink-driving charge. Allegations of domestic violence, and a recording in which he managed to be both racist and threatening to his then-partner Oksana Grigorieva, followed in 2010.

Miller admitted that watching the new film with his troubled former star was difficult.
“It was kind of an emotional moment for me. He gave me great respect at the end, as a director. He`s a wonderful actor – and a really great director.
“As you probably know, I was heartbroken to see what was happening with Mel. Because I`ve always known him as a really, really good man.”




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