Masaba Gupta posts in bold photo in swimsuit, fans declare her Indian Beyonce


You don’t often see fashion designers posing as models on public platforms. That’s also because not every fashion designer has good a enough body to flaunt as a model.
Masaba Gupta

But, celebrity fashion designer Masaba Gupta appears to be changing the established norms of the industry. On Monday, Masaba posted a photo of herself in a black swimsuit setting social media platforms on fire. She posted the photo of herself with a caption, “n conversation with @kunal_guha on self-love & celebrating it unapologetically,which seems to be my favourite thing off late. Thank you my @ishaannair7 & @savleenmakeup for this & all that you are. #Repost @ishaannair7 | special mention to @vilayathusain for the endless squats – do deadlifts,eat,drink wear bodysuits & pose na – what is life.”

She was soon inundated with flattering feedback from her fans with many of them declaring her as Indian Beyonce. One fan Shagun wrote, “Love everything about this post!” Fan Akshay Raj commented, “Wow!! That’s quite a transformation.” Nainesh’s comments read, “Awesome beautiful gorgeous stunning hot looking dear cuty.” Another fan wrote, “Beyonce vibes,”

The buzz on her photo did not remain confined to just Instagram, where she had originally posted the photo of herself. Soon, the conversation spread to another social media platform, Twitter. And among those discussing her beauty also included journalists.

But, many also pointed out how her photo was badly edited to make her look ‘hot.’ They highlighted how the a portion of her right shoulder was missing as a result of alleged photoshopping of her image.

Masaba was born to Viv Richards and Neena Gupta in 80s when the two were in a relationship. Neena later went on to marry Vivek Mehra, a chartered accountant, while Viv Richards married Miriam.

Masaba has become one of the most sought-after designers in Bollywood with celebrities such as Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor and Mira Rajput wearing her label, House of Masaba. Shahid Kapoor, Mira, Kangana Ranaut, Alia and Sonam were among those who had also attended her wedding in 2015.

She also faced incessant trolling last year from the right-wing Hindutva brigade with some of them calling her an ‘illegitimate West Indian.’ However, far from being intimidated, she had taken to social media to respond to her critics adding that she was ‘a proud Indo-Caribbean girl who doesn’t know how to shrink and crumble in shame of something you or your society cannot handle. It’s just in my ‘illegitimate’ genes.’


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