Man followed by PM Modi wants Wing Commander Abhinandan declared martyr to justify war on Pakistan


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known to follow some of the most abusive and vicious trolls on Twitter. These trolls are notorious for giving grief to anyone, who’s critical of the BJP-led central government and its policies. One of them, identified as Alok Bhatt, has shockingly expressed his desire to declare Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman as a martyr so that India could wage a war against Pakistan.


Bhatt wrote, “Treat Wing Cdr Abhi V as a martyr and then fight a bloody and decisive war to payback for Abhi!”

Wing Commander Abhinandan was captured and paraded by the Pakistani army on Wednesday after his MiG was allegedly brought down by the neighbouring country’s military.

As expected, the man followed by PM Modi faced considerable flak for his distasteful social media post, expressing his desire to declare a brave officer of the Indian Air Force as a martyr when he was very much alive.

Twitter user Sabina Basha tweeted, “Great idea. Let us just exchange Alok Bhatt for Wing Cdr Abhinandan. We will salute the martyr.”

One user Farzana Versey wrote, “By saying #AbhinandanMyHero they want to treat him as a martyr so they can fight a war. A martyr when he is alive? Such bloodlust & frenzy…that too by riding on the back of soldiers just to prop up one man who is silent.”

User Ifham Islam wrote, “You piece of shi*, why don’t you become martyr yourself? Bloody scoundrel… It’s easy to talk of war while sitting in an AC room with a MacBook in front of you. Khud kyun nahi jat hai bai?”

User Sadia Rafi commented, “Hang your head in shame! Would you have said the same thing had he been your son! He is the son of our don’t feel for him but we do! He will come back home with his head held high Insha Allah ..and you get the hell out of our country dude!”

Bhatt’s idol Modi has been accused of utter insensitivity for not posting a single tweet on the news of Wing Commander Abhinandan’s capture by the Pakistani army. Instead, he’s been busy preparing for the Lok Sabha elections, which will see him seeking a second term in office. Many experts have predicted that Modi will do everything in his capacity to wage a war since this will help him win elections by pushing the agenda of nationalism.

One of his senior party colleagues and former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa had on Wednesday leaked his party’s plan to use the war against Pakistan to win Lok Sabha elections.

Modi has never unfollowed trolls even in the face their despicable acts. It’s highly unlikely that he will unfollow this troll on this occasion.


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