Making Peshawari sandals for Shah Rukh Khan lands Pakistani shoemaker in jail


A Pakistani shoemaker has landed himself in jail after he boasted to the media that he was going to send Peshawari sandals made from deer’s skin to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

According to reports, a cousin of Shah Rukh who lives in Peshawar went to shoemaker Jahangir Khan last Friday and asked him to make two pairs of Peshawari sandals for the actor.


“Apparently, Jahangir Khan is a big fan of Shah Rukh and decided to send the Bollywood star a special gift, Peshawari sandals made out of deer skin, from his side,” a local police official said.

“Soon after the news spread, the wildlife department officials contacted us and filed a complaint. We had to go and pick up Jahangir who is now behind bars,” he said.

A wildlife official in Peshawar said that the probe is on to confirm whether deer skin was used by Jahangir in making sandals.

“If he has used deer skin, then he will face fine and prosecution as under wildlife laws,” the official said.


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