Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi caught abusing panelist with ‘Maadarc***’ jibe on Arnab Goswami’s TV channel; weeks after Kavita Kaushik, Saif Ali Khan’s co-star slam Republic TV founder


Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi has found himself in the line of fire after a video of calling a panelist ‘Maadarc***’ on Arnab Goswami’s TV channel went viral. The latest episode of shenanigans on Goswami’s TV has surfaced weeks after TV actress Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slammed the Republic TV founder for his recent coverage attempting to communalise the Palghar lynchings.

Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi

Republic TV’s Hindi channel, Republic Bharat, was discussing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ladakh on Friday. As expected, Maj Gen Bakshi too was taking part as a regular panelist when he lost his cool at a guest, who allegedly questioned his bravery. Reacting to his taunt, Maj Gen Bakshi said, “What’s left for negotiations after 15-16 June(when the Chinese army killed 20 Indian soldiers)?”

This prompted a fellow guest on Goswami’s TV channel to taunt Maj Gen Bakshi as he said, “Go for a war. When will you wage a war. That’s what I am asking.”

A visibly irritated Bakshi lost his cool and replied in anger, “Oye lowly person. Ill-mannered. I did not faff around in the army for 31 years.” Bakshi was then heard saying, “Maadarc*** (Motherf****r).”

Journalist Ajit Anjum shared the view with a caption that read, “Speechless… Every day media is achieving new feat. After listening to the last three seconds, I felt ‘what’s left now?’ We’ve stooped this low.”

Lawyer Dushyant wrote, “Is Republic TV the first channel to officially have a panelist say M****C****? who else but @GeneralBakshi bringing great honour to the army.”

PM Modi was in Ladakh on Friday to meet Indian army personnel, injured during the 14 June skirmishes that saw the killings of 20 Indian soldiers including one colonel rank officer.

Arnab Goswami and his TV channels have become a topic of constant ridicule in recent weeks particularly after several criminal cases were filed against him. Earlier, several celebrities including FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, filmmaker Anubhav Sinha and actress Kubbra Sait had slammed Goswami for his shenanigans in the recent days leading to his interrogation by the Mumbai Police.


  1. General Bakshi has shown that anti-national pimp his place. Insulting Bakshi is a crime. If anybody insults army man I would have used much vulgar words for such shameless person.

    • Don’t get excited, he is a notorious war criminal and day will come when he will be hanged for his crimes which he did in Kashmir. He is still having dozens of FIR where he is involved in extortion of money, fake encounter, killing and looting, civilian disappearance and later killing and branded them terrorists..
      His talks and face is testimony to the fact that how much army people are professional in India.
      He is notorious terrorist wearing the uniform..
      He is simply a shame and a big black stain on the face of India and Indian Army..

    • If you know the ugly side of the army you will be shocked. Not all army people are saints and desh bhakt. The general is here to make money and Jolly well enjoying the samem

    • Are you really gentleman like general bakshi.
      In debates he is crying. To say truth you need not cry.
      So many times his words are vulgar.
      He needs to be criticized, so what if he is retired military man.

  2. That man deserves that caption. He is an India baiter and always tries to demean the nation. These men are not tolerable and they don’t deserve place in media. And that shameless man did not leave the show even after this incident. Shame.

  3. On one side Army is fighting for country and this stupid penalties instigated ex-army personal. Lucky for him that he is alive today because he is in India. Republic TV should not invite stupid penalties who are against India, army and it’s people.

    • This stupid guest says don’t do war. As if army is free and for fun on borders by doing shootings at the enemies. This kind of guest should not be given the residance of the country.

  4. I feel awkward and embarrassed that the respected renowned General did not shoot that scoundrel of couth clumsy Desh Drohi. Gen Bakshi is a forthright patriot. I needed not add anything. I am a simple citizen
    Yet i wish the General and all Officers keep a weapon ready and send the Desh Drohi to their destination. BharatMata ki Jai

  5. Good job, General Bakshi. That guy also deserves Anti- National, Treason and low -life criminal, as worthy adjectives. Also keep these adjectives for a 50 year treasonous fellow whose neither brain nor sense could develop. These are paid scorpions ,paid by China and Pakistan, who run China’s propaganda campaign in India. In any other country, these criminals would be facing torture. In India, they are made an MP and given 27,500 sq feet houses!!! in Delhi !!! In Cannaught Place area!!!!!!for a monthly rental of Rs 8,588!!!! Oh God!!! Don’t you feel like using the same expletive??!!??

  6. A new subject to debate and make controversy. Rather than focus on the real issues of the country. How many of us can sincerely answer that we have not used abusive language in front of our children and parents even slang. When we use provocative words like war to a soldier who faces death every second for the country. No body wants war. Sitting within our home comforts is easy to comment and criticize others

  7. What lead General Bakshi to use this adjective, if it all he used it? It was the taunt and the insulting tone of the panelist. He had the audicity to taunt such a high profile person.General Bakshi used the right adjective. This adjective is widely used in Asia. What it really means is that the person using the adjective is looking down upon the low quality womb which has produced such a low quality person. This adjective rightly and correctly describes the origin of such a person.

  8. Fitting reply in the style it deserved…..One who has actually experienced in the border can only feel the pain and it is natural such sarcastic remarks from worth less crooks is not tolerated…
    It is a sort of warning to many such crooks in the country lead by a joker called pappu…

  9. Gen. Bakshi was still polite on these desh drohees. Many other desh drohees panelists deserve similar reprimands. All Indians portray his unstinted patriotism.

  10. How long we Indians can tolerate these pig like antinationals.Of all the people the dynast Saif ali Khan with no acting capabilities other than fathering many a children through many a wives or/ and his co star or for that matter any t bollywood stars who think nothing of acting in movies funded by Dawood Ibrahim or anybody as long as they get to wine and dine in Dubai have no local standi even to stand before General Bakshi and his anger is more than justified when the worthless bollywood person questions a great nationalist like General Bakshi.

  11. With family you can watch cricket and enjoy Virat Kohli continuous maderchod and Ben child words on Television.Girls feel proud when first says those words.But in this case why you or we should feel low don’t understand.

  12. Maj.Gen Mr GD Bakshi is right,jo desh aur sena ka against me kuchh bolega,unko Bakshi sir ka language befitting hai,is lie sir hum lok aap ka saath hai,jo gadaar Bakshi sir ka against me.Bolte rahate hai ,unko malum nahin Pappu Rahul Gandhi Pm

  13. You can experience the fire within & the outburst when an fellow Indian doubts with questions ….. A natural reaction from a Punajbi which expose the other side about guys instigated by paid external agencies .

  14. रिपब्लिक TV बंद होना चाहिए उसका Anchor journalism का पालन नही कर रहा है।। सता के साथ का दुरुपयोग कर रहा है। बॉम्बे हाईकोर्ट से कैसे stay मिल गया ।इतना गन्दा बयान दिया था एक महिला के साथ।। गिरफ्तार करो।।

  15. SALUTE to Gen. Bakshi sir. This uncouth scoundrel would have known you better had he come facing you as a straight forward enemy. A shot instead would have served him better.

  16. What a perfect reply given by Maj. Gen. Bakshi to the anti-national person. Mr. Goswami should stop calling pappu sena on his debate show.

  17. Good job by general. how country is tolerating such traitors.someone aptly said bad wombs produced by bad parents.


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