Madhu Kishwar’s tweet on ‘ink blue’ tongue causes hilarious meme fest


Known BJP supporter and a serial peddler of fake news on social media, Madhu Kishwar, found herself at the receiving end of Twitter users since she complained of her ‘ink blue tongue’ after eating jamuns. Kishwar had taken to Twitter to complain about her nasty experience of purchasing the famous Indian fruits from a Mother’s Dairy shop.
Madhu Kishwar

She wrote, “Bought this box of Jamuns from @MotherDairyind @Safalproducts outlet. After eating about 10 jamuns, I found my tongue had turned InkBlue colour, not Jamuni, as expected. Clear case of dangerous adulteration.” Her subsequent tweet read, “If we can’t even trust outlets like @Safalproducts to sell safe vegetables & fruits,where do we go?Even my spit was bizarre ink blue color after eating these jamuns. India seems 2b mass producing rogues who dont hesitate to feed poison 2 fellow citizens just to make quick bucks.”

No sooner did she share her experience, her tweets opened the flood-gate of hilarious memes with users reminding her of karma. Many users posted photos and gifs of snakes spewing venom as they reminded Kishwar that her tongue had turned blue because of the venom she often spews on social media.

Kishwar had courted huge controversy in January this year when she tweeted about free-sex while reacting to the then Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s plans to introduce minimum income guarantee scheme.

Last year, a campaign was launched on Twitter demanding a ban on her after the microblogging site banned several accounts owned by known hate-mongers


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