Madaari earns almost Rs 5 crore on day 1. Will Kejriwal’s endorsement help?


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Saturday praised actor Irrfan Khan for his latest release Madaari asking ‘everyone’ to watch the movie.

Taking to Twitter, Kejriwal said, “Chhaa gaye guru. Amazing movie. Everyone MUST watch it.”

Known for his quick Twitter review of Bollywood release, Kejriwal’s praises for Madaari came after Irrfan met him in Delhi for an interview.

Irrfan had contacted Kejriwal, the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While the first two had responded to the actor’s requests for audience, the prime minister’s office had asked him to follow the protocol.

4 madari

Madaari is a film about a cat and mouse game between a common man driven to despair and an entire security set-up bent upon rescuing the Union home minister’s kidnapped son.

On paper, the film appears to possess the raw material that is needed to build up a convincing tale of an underdog striking back when the system fails him.


But director Nishikant Kamat fails to deliver the knockout punches that could have added up to edge-of-the-seat and thought-provoking entertainment.

The film collected nearly Rs 5 crore on the opening day and is earning plenty of plaudits from movie buffs. It’s too early to predict if Kejriwal’s endorsement will contribute to Madaari’s future earnings.


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