“Lucky enough that Asim Riaz didn’t punch Paras Chhabra”: Brother Umar explodes after abuses hurled at sister


Asim Riaz’s brother Umar has lashed out at Paras Chhabra after an ugly fight broke out inside Bigg Boss house between Asim and the latter. This was after Asim alleged that Paras had hurled abuses at his sister. Hearing the abuses for his sister, Asim exploded in anger and charged at Paras. He was, however, stopped by housemates before he could reach Paras. It wasn’t clear as to what exactly was uttered by Paras since Bigg Boss had beeped out the controversial words, but going by Asim’s reaction it seems the words used for his sister were very insulting.

Asim Riaz

Reacting to tonight’s development, Asim’s brother Umar Riaz wrote on Twitter saying that Paras was lucky that the former did not punch him. He wrote on Twitter, “Paras again showed his class today that he is nothing less than a pile of shit! Got shit in his mind and even talk shit! Lucky enough that asim didnt punch him.Need too much patience to handle this guy. Keep your patience bro these bullies will fall like house of cards!”

Saturday night’s developments inside the house left the reality show’s fans seething with anger. Many took to Twitter to poke fun at host Salman Khan’s helplessness as he failed to take a stand on the violence and deteriorating standard of language used by housemates. Many concluded that the ongoing season was the worst of all seasons since the reality show was first aired in India.

Siddharth Shukla has been routinely using expletives for women and resorting to violence against housemates. But the makers of the show have looked the other way. Siddharth has now found new support in Paras, who has joined him to hurl abuses and insult to the former’s rivals on the reality show.



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