‘Low-budget Hindi version of Arnab Goswami’ finally called ‘disgrace to journalism’ by veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai


Veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai on Tuesday lashed out at an anchor, often dubbed as Low-budget Hindi version of Arnab Goswami, calling him a ‘disgrace to what passes off as journalism.’ Sardesai’s all-out attack came after Amish Devgan of News18 India mocked the former’s decision to dance inside his TV studio to celebrate another accurate exit poll prediction by the media group he works for.
Rajdeep Sardesai

Sardesai works for India Today Group as its consulting editor. India Today has been broadcasting exit polls in collaboration with polling agency Axis My India, which was the only pollster to accurately predict the results for the Haryana assembly elections last year. India Today-Axis My India once again accurately predicted the results for the Delhi assembly elections. While the India Today’s broadcast on the counting of votes was underway, Sardesai was seen breaking into a dance with the representative of the polling agency.

Taking a dig at Sardesai’s dance, Devgan tweeted, “Studio dance is organized by Secular / Neutral Journalist and they have audacity to speak on Journalism. There 30 years Mindset get exposed.”

Sardesai replied, “Yes sir, my rock star pollster gets it bang on and we do a celebratory dance! Next time he will sing too. You on the other hand are an utter disgrace to what passes off as journalism and sing and dance to your Master’s voice. And spread hate. Good luck.”

Devgan has always faced flak from non-BJP parties for acting as official spokesperson of the RSS inside his TV studio. His channel News18 India is owned by Mukesh Ambani. Last year, a Congress spokesperson had abused Devgan on LIVE TV while calling him a pimp.



  1. This RAJDEEP SARDESAI IS A TRAITOR OF INDIA . He clearly is a big supporter of corrupt, anti india congress and he has the audacity to question Arnab who brings out the truth . This SARDESAI and journalists like him are a disgrace to India . He is better of going to Pakistan where he will get full support of his hatred for Pm MODI .

  2. Arnab’s journalism is nationalistic where as that of Sardesai’s is not only anti India but also supports curruption of Congress party.

  3. Ya Rajdeep is a ‘veteran’ but not a left-leaning journalist because his views align with that of your shitty news website peddling fake news?


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