Lord of the Rings actor, Elijah Wood’s ‘Delhi Darshan’


Actor and American DJ duo of ‘Wooden Wisdom’, Elijah Wood is on a maiden visit to India from 3 to 9 September for a musical performance along with his music partner Zach Cowie.

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About his India visit, Wood excitingly said, “India is vibrant, palatable and fascinating. It’s all fresh and new. This is the country that I wanted to visit my whole life. So all that we are taking in is completely a new sensation and we are exploring more. It’s a magical and mystical place from afar. It’s been on my travel list for long.”

The 34-year old actor who shot to fame with his Hobbit trilogies shared his plans of “eating local food and buying local records is something that we do on all our trips. Everything is so brand new to us, and so exciting…. it’s an entirely new experience for us.”

Wood, who is also fond of travelling and exploring different cultures, is planning to explore the Capital on auto-rickshaw which he termed as “an interesting version of Thailand’s tuk-tuk”.

On India’s traffic, Wood said, “It’s fine. We heard a lot about your (country’s) traffic, but we thought it was okay… People said it could be nightmarish, but it wasn’t as bad as we were anticipating.”



Speaking about his musical performance in India, the actor and singer said, “We have brought a lot of records that many people wouldn’t have heard of here before. That’s exciting. We play a lot of soul, funk and international stuff from Africa and Turkey…we actually brought some Bollywood soundtrack mix stuff too! It’s honestly the best part of doing what we do — to play music for people, travel to different countries, countries we have always wanted to travel to — meet different people, and also experience their cultures and buy their records. We are excited about shopping for records in India too.”

The Lord of the Rings actor admitted that he has “never seen an entire Bollywood film”.


He added, “But I’ve seen some of the song sequences…my knowledge comes from soundtracks and some compilations, which have come out in the 1970s and 1980s…old Bollywood numbers. I’ve always loved Lata Mangeshkar…her voice is lovely.”

The purpose of Elijah’s tour is to showcase his musical talent. So, for the Indian audience, Wood and his team have mixed I Am a Disco Dancer, Dil Mera and Chhodo Sanam among others.

The American actor has already performed in Mumbai and landed in New Delhi on Friday and will head towards Hyderabad later. Wood was very excited to land in the country and he has many plans during his three-city tour in the country.


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