Kuch Breaking News Kaa Dhanda hai: After Rahul Ram’s Aisi Taisi Democracy, it’s Pakistan’s Aisi Taisi ‘hypocricy’


Last week, it was the Indian music director, Rahul Ram, who came up with his satirical video Aisi Taisi Democracy.

A week later, a similar video by a group of Pakistani music artists have surfaced. Titled as ‘Aisi Taisi Hypocricy,’ this video too starts with mere saamne waali sarhad pe…

Mere samne wali sarhad pe kehte hai dushman rehta hai, by Rahul Ram, the lead singer of Indian Ocean had gone viral on social media platforms. This video had focussed on the similarities between India and Pakistan highlighting the same problems and conditions faced by the people from the two neighbouring countries.

The Pakistani video, however, appears to talk about the contrast differences between the two countries on issues such as fundamentalism and religious tolerance.

Unlike Rahul Ram, these artists have replaced the word ‘Kehte’ with ‘Sunte’ to make the top line of their track sound ‘Mere Saamne Waali Sarhad Pe Sunte hain Dushman rehta hai.’


Taking a swipe at India’s bollywood, the singer says, “uski sab filmo gaano mein mujhe dashatgard dikhaate hain, Yahan mere school mein teacher bhi use dushman keh ke bulaate hain. (In their movies they address us (Pakistanis) as terrorists, and in our schools here in Pakistan, our teachers address them as enemies.)”

Further down in the video, one lurics says, ” Tum BJP ko ballot do, hum mullaon se jaan chudaate hain (You vote BJP to power, but we try to run away from the influence of Islamists.)”

You can watch the video here:


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