Known Hindutva trolls target Urmila Matondkar for marrying ‘Kashmiri’ businessman, rename her Mariyam Akhtar Mir


Days after Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar officially joined the Congress, known vicious Hindutva trolls on social media have begun to target her for her inter-faith marriage. Accusing her of converting to Islam, the BJP’s social media army have also given her a new Muslim name, Mariyam Akhtar Mir.

Urmila Matondkar

A known Hindutva troll Prashant Patel, who’s earned notoriety for peddling fake news in the past, wrote on Twitter, “#UrmilaMatondkar did Niqah with 9 yr younger Kashmiri Md. Mohsin Akhtar Mir after converting to Islam in 2016 & changed her name Mariyam Akhtar Mir. Mohsin was already associated with Congress & Now she is doing Al-Taqia in the name of FoE.”

His tweet was shared over 3,000 times with more than 5,000 Twitter users liking his social media post on Urmila. Some Hindutva trolls also mischievously changed her name on her Wikipedia page to ‘Miriam Akhtar.’ Joining the right-wing gang in spreading the fake news on Urmila was a little known Bollywood actress, Payal Rohatgi, who shared the screenshot of Urmila’s Wiki page and wrote, “Urmila Matondkar is Mariam Akhtar Mir as per reports. So she has converted to Islam. Bravo ?. She is d best example of Hindu Girl married to Muslim Guy. Congress is best party for her. We wish her all the success. Just write your new name when u get a ticket maam.”

A report by news agency PTI said that the changed information on her Wiki page even claimed that Urmila’s father too was married to a Muslim, known as Rukhsana Sultana. Her father Shrikant Matondkar reacted with shock on the deliberate misinformation being spread against his daughter. The news agency quoted him as saying, “This is sheer nonsense perpetrated by some mischievous anti-social elements. Wikipedia should take action against them.”

He added, “For Urmila, this is purely an ideological fight for upholding democratic ideals and her strong convictions. She would never stoop so low as to discuss the family or relatives of her opponents on such platforms.”

Congress leader Sachin Sawant said that the dirty campaign against Urmila proved that the BJP considered her a ‘serious contender’ and not a lightweight as some of their leaders have been claiming.

Incidentally, Sawant on Friday had predicted through one of his tweets that the right-wing troll army will attack Urmila since the Congress had declared her as its candidate from Mumbai North. He wrote, “The moment the Congress declared her candidature, the BJP got so terrified of imminent defeat that their Dirty Tricks Department has started raising her marriage in social media. Should we remind dirty minds of BJP about the marriage of Dharmendraji (with) Hemaji?”

Meanwhile, the Wikipedia page of Urmila has now been corrected.


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