Kiku Sharda reveals son’s contribution to his jokes on The Kapil Sharma Show as comedian issues stunning apology to Archana Puran Singh


Kiku Sharda has revealed for the first time how his son contributed to his jokes cracked on The Kapil Sharma Show. His revelation came weeks after his joke targeting Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar’s short height triggered a huge controversy. Kiku had earlier issued a stunning apology to his co-star Archana Puran Singh for demeaning jokes.

In an interview to Times of India, Kiku Sharda said that his younger son, who is 11 years of age, was ‘quite funny.’ He said, “I don’t know what profession he would choose going forward in life but he has a good sense of humour. Waise woh shauk toh rakhta hai…Also, a lot of the time when I add certain nuances, habits or attitude to a character, they are taken from my sons. They do so many weird things and their questions are interesting and they teach a lot to you. I have enjoyed spending time with my kids and my younger son is quite talented and funny also. But I don’t know what profession he will choose ahead in life.”

Kiku has been sharing plenty of videos showing how he has been spending his life in lockdown with his family members. In one video, he was seen banging utensils with his wife and children to respond to a call to do so by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Kiku, who plays the popular character of Achcha Singh and Bachcha Singh on The Kapil Sharma Show, said that he missed his co-stars from the popular comedy show as the shooting has stopped due to the nationwide lockdown. He told TOI, “I am missing them a lot. For us shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show is like a get together of a big family and is a very enjoyable process. I don’t think I laugh so much anywhere else this much. When we sit with the writers to discuss the scripts or acts so many funny things come out and the entire process is so funny that the whole experience becomes enjoyable. The whole day becomes so much fun. Whether we are shooting, are in chaos or discussing scripts, we have loads of fun and enjoy each other’s company. I am missing the process, shoots, audience, applause from them, my co-stars and everything related to TKSS.”

In the same interview with the TOI, Kiku had also issued a stunning apology to Archana if ‘if she ever felt bad by his jokes on her.’ He had said, “It is like when a group of friends meet they pull each other’s leg and crack jokes and no one gets offended because that’s the kind of bond they share. Our bond with Archana ji is the same and she doesn’t mind it all. But with due respect if ever she has felt bad we would like to say sorry.”

Archana has often been a soft target of Krushna, Kapil, Bharti and Kiku on The Kapil Sharma Show. However, she has never taken offence to jokes being cracked at her expense. Kapil has always teased her by accusing her of carrying two crocodiles while returning home to Madh Island. Archana had posted a video of her journey back home to prove Kapil wrong. Since then, her off-the-cuff videos on Instagarm have become a rage of sorts on social media.


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