Kiku Sharda questions existence of Archana Puran Singh on The Kapil Sharma Show as Kapil Sharma targets veteran actress with cruel jokes in presence of Janhvi Kapoor’s music director duo


Kiku Sharda aka Achcha Yadav and Bachcha Yadav on Sunday night bluntly asked the purpose of Archana Puran Singh’s existence on The Kapil Sharma Show as Janhvi Kapoor’s music director duo Ajay-Atul appeared on the comedy show. If that was not enough, host Kapil Sharma also targeted Archana with his innuendoes.

Kiku was essentially taking a potshot at one of the musicians associated with The Kapil Sharma Show as he declared that Dinesh’s music skills were zero. Zero was also the film whose music was composed by Ajay-Atul. More recently, the duo had composed music for the hindi film Dhadak starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar.

Kiku said, “Archana ji was a better musician than Dinesh.” Kapil asked, “since when has Archana started giving music?” To which, Kiku asked, “If she can’t give music, then what is she doing here?”

Kapil too was seen repeatedly targeting Archana with his jokes. At one point he said that Archana charged Rs 300 for attending birthday functions and Rs 400 for a wedding party. He continued, “She doesn’t charge for delivering sad news. All she says, ‘main bhi aap ki bahu beti jaisi hoon, jo achcha lage de dijiye (I am like your daughter-in-law or daughter. Give me whatever you wish).”

Kapil also said that Archana was once confused with bhajan singer Anup Jalota’s name thinking they were two persons. “She(Archana)  said ‘Anupji is fine but where’s Jalota. I haven’t seen him’,” Kapil continued.

This was after Archana asked Ajay-Atul why they chose to keep their name in that order and not Atul-Ajay. The music director duo said that Ajay-Atul sounded better than the other way around.

Not to miss an opportunity to pull Archana’s leg, Kapil said, “imagine if your name was Singh Puran Archana and not Archana Puran Singh. It would have sounded like an address.”

Kapil wasn’t done yet. He said, “when Archana ji completed 100 episodes and returned home, she yelled at her husband and said, ‘Khabardar, if you enter the room without an appointment’.”

This was after Kapil’s guest Ajay-Atul said that they were the first Marathi music director duo to receive the National Award even though their predecessors were equally talented and worthy of the award. They said that they had received the National Award on behalf of all Marathi music directors. This prompted Kapil to appreciate their humility.

Kiku also told Ajay-Atul that they did not earn by composing music as much as Archana earned by simply clapping on The Kapil Sharma Show. As always, Archana was a great sport and kept laughing at the jokes being cracked at her expense.



  1. I think the potshots directed at ms Puran Singh are in extremely poor taste.Comedy should not imply that humiliating a person is the way forward.The characters, played by different actos, could be considered a subject of ridicule to make people laugh, because its presented in a third person variety.But Ms Puran Singh is there as herself, ridiculing her in the name of comedy is a serious mistake


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