Kiku Sharda of The Kapil Sharma Show reveals why he agreed to work with Irrfan Khan in Angrezi Medium; days after issuing apology to Archana Puran Singh


Kiku Sharda of The Kapil Sharma Show has revealed that he agreed to act in Angrezi Medium so that he could share screen space with Irrfan Khan, who died after battling cancer last week. Kiku, who said that most of his scenes in Angrezi Medium also featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan were with Irrfan, said that none of the cast and crew members knew about the pain that Irrfan was going through as a result of his cancer treatment. Kiku had recently trended after he issued an apology to Archana Puran Singh for demeaning jokes on her during the shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show.

Terming Irrfan Khan’s tragic death ‘extremely unfortunate,’ Kiku told TOI, “When I was offered Angrezi Medium to do my biggest reason for doing this film was Irrfan Khan. I loved the idea of working with him as I have watched all his films and have loved so many of them. So many times I get puzzled about how he believed his characters and how he had so much conviction for them. I said yes to the film as I just wanted to stand beside him or be around while he is working.”

Reacting to Irrfan’s tragic death, Kiku had taken to Instagram to express his grief. He had written, “It was an honour meeting him,knowing him, working with him, being around him and seeing how he does what he does so effortlessly. I wish I could have more of him, we could have more of him. Will miss #irrfankhan sir , the man, the talent, the LEGEND. RIP”

Kiku revealed that he was in awe of him even when Irrfan appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show as a guest to promote his films. “When I worked with him, his entire process and the way he approached a scene and the way he wanted to do the entire scene effortlessly. He had a very different kind of approach to do a scene. He was a very effortless actor. Acting for him was not work, for him it was like it just happened while you were having a chat with him,” Kiku told TOI.

Kiku Sharda recently trended on the internet for several days after he issued a stunning apology to Archana for cracking demeaning jokes on The Kapil Sharma Show. He had said, “It is like when a group of friends meet they pull each other’s leg and crack jokes and no one gets offended because that’s the kind of bond they share. Our bond with Archana ji is the same and she doesn’t mind it all. But with due respect if ever she has felt bad we would like to say sorry.”



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