KBC contestant’s story of grit and determination amidst tragedy leaves Amitabh Bachchan speechless


Bollywood megastar and Kaun Banega Crorepati host Amitabh Bachchan was speechless on Wednesday hearing the tragic story of a KBC contestant from Jharkhand. Hailing from Medininagar in Jharkhand, Deepjyoti told Bachchan that her father had deserted the family when she was very young. Her brother was later murdered but the family did not have the means to pursue the matter legally and bring the culprits to the book.

She said that her father left home in 2005 and never returned back after his grocery shop began to run in loss. “He could not handle the loss and left us forever. He has not returned till date,” the 19-year-old contestant added.

The family’s tragedy did not end here. In 2013, her brother died while out and about with his friends. Once again, Deepjyoti and her family members could never find out the real cause of his death. They suspect that his friends may have been responsible for his death.

“He (Deepjyoti’s brother) had gone for an outing to a nearby fair with his friends. The next day, his friends informed us about his death,” she said. When asked by Amitabh Bachchan what had led to her brother’s death, she said, “What we came to know was that there was a fight with his friends. Since his friends were responsible for his death, they did not tell us accurately what had happened on the day of his death.”

“Did you report the matter to the police?” asked Bachchan. She said that the family had to give up pursuing the matter in court since they simply could not afford the legal fees of the lawyers.

Bachchan was speechless for several seconds as he struggled to gather his composure after listening to the contestant’s story. Addressing Geeta Devi, Bachchan said, “Mother, I salute you, your courage and how you raised your children despite such hardships.”

The Bollywood megastar told her that he was proud of her for her courage to stay so strong despite having faced such tragedy in life. The young contestant replied, “My courage (mother) is sitting right behind me.”

She said that her desire was to buy her mother Geeta Devi a house if she won enough prize money on the KBC. “I want to prepare for the UPSC exams and become an IAS officer,” she said in a video that Sony TV had made on her.  Deepjyoti went on to win Rs 25 lakh on the show.




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