KBC contestant leaves Amitabh Bachchan perplexed after blaming Bollywood megastar for inability to answer easy question


This season of Sony TV’s Kaun Banega Crorepati has seen the lighter side of the quiz show host Amitabh Bachchan on multiple occasions. This has made most of his contestants, who are often mesmerised with his presence, at ease while answering the questions on the show. However, one contestant recently left Bachchan perplexed when he blamed the Bollywood superstar for his inability to answer a relatively easy question.

Amitabh Bachchan

The contestant in question was one Abhishek Jha from Baltana in Punjab, who had won Rs 3.20 lakh the previous night and was a rollover contestant. But before resuming his game show, Jha surprised Bachchan by holding him responsible for his own inability to answer an otherwise easy question the previous night. Jha had to use one of his lifelines to answer that question very early in the game show.

He told Bachchan, “Sir, I want to share one thing. The fact that I used a lifeline for an easy question, I got scoldings from my brother and others in the family”

Bachchan asked, “Who scolded you?” Jha replied saying the entire family had scolded at him. “Even my younger brother said that even he knew the answer. But I blamed you,” Jha continued.

A visibly perplexed Bachchan could not understand how he was to be blamed for the contestant’s inability to answer an easy question. “How did you end up blaming me?” asked Bachchan. Jha explained, “My family members don’t know that you don’t get to meet the megastar of the millennium every day.”

“I told them that I had met you for the first time in my life. I was overwhelmed and I could not focus on anything else. My entire focus on you,” Jha continued.

Bachchan told Jha to not share the prize money with his younger brother. “Dare you share the cheque that I gave you yesterday with your younger brother, who scolded you,” Bachchan joked.

Jha went on to win Rs 25 lakh on the show.



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