KBC contestant from Maharashtra repeats gaffe of astrologer from Salman Khan’s hometown, Amitabh Bachchan jokes about missing footwear


Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Thursday presented quite an entertaining episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati as he pulled up two contestants for forgetting their footwear after winning the fastest finger first rounds. First, it was an astrologer from Salman Khan’s hometown of Indore before a contestant from Maharashtra repeated the same act.

The contestant from Maharashtra, Ashwini Bhosle, also became the second contestant this season to not able to answer a simple math question in an early round of the game. Her question for Rs 10,000 read, “Which of these has the highest value?” Options were ‘100-1, 200-111, 300-222 and 400-333.’ The correct answer was 100-1 since the difference 99 was the highest. But after spending most of her allotted 45 seconds, Ashwini decided to use her lifeline. As expected, a whopping 92% audience members voted in favour of option ‘A,’ making her win Rs 10000.

Bachchan joked about the contestant not being able to answer a simple question despite claiming that she taught maths. Bachchan said, “This was a very simple calculation. You ought to have calculated it in your mind. And you happen to teach maths to your children.”

Earlier, after winning the faster finger round, Ashwini had run towards Bachchan in excitement and not cared to wear her footwear. This prompted the KBC host to joke about a similar incident that took place involving another contestant preceding her. “Yesterday, Pandit ji too had forgotten his footwear. Hope you’ve found your footwear,” Bachchan said.

Later in the game, Bachchan once again reminded Ashwini about the footwear episode and jokingly urged her to never repeat such episode.

Ashwini also informed all that her husband had not shown her Mumbai despite they being together for over six years even though the couple hailed from Kalyan in Maharashtra. When Bachchan asked her husband the reason for not visiting Mumbai before, the contestant said that now ‘I will take my husband for a tour of Mumbai.’

On Thursday, an astrologer from Salman Khan’s hometown of Indore in Madhya Pradesh had caused quite a lot of entertainment on the show after he rushed to Bachchan without wearing his footwear. Hariom Sharma had astonishingly won very little on the quiz show by answering a question incorrectly very early in the game despite having three lifelines unused.

Another lighter moment involving Ashwinin was when Bachchan praised her for her ‘beautiful saree’ before asking her the question for Rs 20,000.



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