Kapil Sharma on fire, shuts up trolls, who mocked Bharti Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show; deletes tweets; comedian’s arrest linked with mocking of Arnab Goswami on Salman Khan-produced show


Following days of silence on the arrest of Bharti Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show and her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa, comedian-actor Kapil Sharma decided to shut up trolls, who made fun of his co-star. This was after two trolls targeted both Kapil and Bharti by teasing Kapil that he too would be arrested soon. The arrest of Bharti and her husband by the Narcotics Control Bureau was largely linked to the mocking of Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami by Bharti’s comedian colleagues Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek on the Salman Khan-produced show. Kapil later deleted both his tweets.

One right-wing troll had tagged Kapil on Twitter to write in Hindi, “The NCB should raid Kapil Sharma’s house.” A visibly angry Kapil replied, “You too should accompany them. Half a kilo hashish will be recovered from your beard.”

Another troll had teased the famous comedian by writing, “What happened to Bharti? She claimed to not consume drugs until she was caught.” Once again, Kapil replied, “Oh fat man, first go and get a shirt of your size stitched.”

Kapil made these extraordinary comments on Wednesday but deleted them both for the fear of public backlash.

Many had wondered why Bharti Singh’s colleagues such as Kapil, Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda or Archana Puran Singh had not broken their silence in her support. However, today’s explosive reaction from Kapil came as his extraordinary support for his friend.

Kapil has always held Bharti in high esteem and publicly expressed his affection for the comedian from his home state Punjab. In December last year, Indian Idol judge and popular Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar had struggled to control her tears as she cried hearing about the painful past of BhartiWhat had left Neha in tears, in particular, was an emotional video message from Kapil Sharma, who recalled his personal friendship with Bharti.

“There’s a notion in our society after a daughter is born that how will we feed and educate them! Parents are often worried about the expense attached to a daughter’s marriage. But Bharti has changed that notion…Bharti is also a very good shooter. Very few people know that Bharti has also been a national-level shooter. Bharti is one of those very few women in comedy who has got the god’s gift on comic timing. Bharti you are my soul,” Kapil had said.

The NCB recently arrested both Bharti and her husband before a local court in Mumbai sent them to judicial custody for 14 days. However, they were granted bail two days later by another court in Mumbai.



  1. What is the Big Deal Ganja is Common in India you get it every were in Holi you get it on the Streets and what about our Sadhus and Sadhvise who are always taking Ganja in India NCB should arrest all these from Banaras and other Holy Places in india
    NCB is Just making a issue out of this aa the people are celebrities

    NCB Should Raid all other Celeberties Homes and offices also they Might catch every person involved

  2. This is what drugs do to people. It is mostly the talented and people who can be an asset to themselves,their families, their country who fall prey to it. Instead of showing anger at the drug peddlers and their protectors both in politics and beurocracy whether Police or Administration, people like Kapil Sharma and the Bollywood fraternity are misdirecting their anger on the people who are acting against drugs or speaking out against the drug culture. Why???. Bharti and people like her although adults are victims of this social habit…to smoke a joint or snort some coke is seen as fashionable or the preserve or identity of the creative, cool, and likeable people.
    On a personal level it is their right, but many people’s lives are either ruined, or lessened to a great degree. This they ignore…. By doing so they are giving tacit approval to this drug culture….WHY???.

  3. If drugs are helping celebrities to increase their concentration in work, then why these drugs are illegal? Smoking, wine are legal despite of knowing their health hazards

  4. Professionals from Bollywood industry and TV industry think they are superior because they earning well. But they forget that their income indirectly coming due to common people. As I have decided to no watch any Bollywood movie and no TV serial. As Saud by Sushant once that they are paying very high even doing very little efforts. I can say that these Bollywood guys can not do my job as good as I do. I am IT engineer and do programming. I am sure very few these people know about programming. We all do hard work but unfortunately pay differences is very high between us. That’s is bcoz of us, we give them so much importance and they get more money as they become more popular among us. Better not to give importance to them and treat them as normal so that they will get normal package like us. We are responsible for creating this pay gap.

  5. Kapil sharma show was a show full of comedy n usually poking fun of others including kapil n his co stars, now where is kapil, you should start poking fun of ur co stars now, especially related to drugs. The show is biased when they make fun of others n now when they get questions on Twitter or other media, they insult n act as if nothing has happen. People all over india should boycott their show, why should we watch d show n give them ratings n fill their pockets with huge fees. Shame on u kapil.


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