Kangana Ranaut declares her office in Mumbai as ‘Ram Mandir,’ refers to Mumbai Police and BMC officials as ‘Babur’s army’


Controversial Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has declared her office premises in Mumbai as the ‘Ram Mandir’ after the Mumbai civic body officials razed parts of it since they were constructed illegally. In a series of tweets, a visibly rattled Kangana used ‘Babur’s army’ jibe for Mumbai Police and the BMC officials.

Kangana Ranaut

In one tweet, Kangana said that Mumbai had become Pakistan as she shared photos of the demolition drive of her office.

She also shared the photos of officials belonging to the Mumbai Police and the BMC and called them ‘Babur and his army.’

The most controversial tweet by Kangana came when she compared her office premises to that of the Ram Temple as she wrote, “The first film Ayodhya was announced by Manikarnika Films (here). This is not just a building for me, this is Ram Mandir. Today Babur has come here. Today the history will repeat itself. Ram Mandir will once again be demolished. But do remember Babur, this temple will once again be constructed. Jai Shri Ram.”

The controversial actress is known for uttering nonsense by making wild allegations against her adversaries, who she had praised in the past. Known for her support for the BJP, Kangana has made a desperate attempt to woo her Hindutva supporters by comparing her office space to the Ram temple. Kangana knows it fully well that those supporting the Hindutva ideology, often lack basic intelligence and, therefore, can be fooled into blindly following her in the name of religion.


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