Actor Kajol faces ridicule by trolls after video of her tripping and falling goes viral


A video of actor Kajol tripping and falling while walking in a mall to promote the Hindi version of the Hollywood flick Incredibles 2. In the video, Kajol is seen reaching the top floor of the mall through an escalator before she starts walking while surrounded by her security personnel.


After taking just few steps off the escalator, Kajol is seen losing her balance and falling backwards. She is quickly assisted by her security personnel to regain her balance. The incident took place at Mumbai’s Phoenix Mall.

The video of Kajol falling has surfaced on Instagram from multiple handles with a majority of social media users blaming the fall on her ‘arrogance.’ One user wrote, “lmfao! She walked so confident and arrogant all the time. This is the reason why you Kajol always fall down.” Another user Mira wrote, “I don’t know why she falls every time. The other day I saw a video of hers, where Varun had saved her from falling and now here.” One user wrote, “if you achieve things in life that doesn’t mean you should be arrogant. I don’t interrupt any one unless it concerns me and this comment did.” The nasty messages were in plenty.You can read them in the Instagram post below.

In 2015, Kajol was saved from a dangerous fall off the stage, but actor Varun Dhawan had reacted in time to save her from what could have resulted in serious injuries.

Kajol will soon share screen space with the National Award-winning actor, Riddhi Sen in Pradeep Sarkar’s Eela. She was last seen in VIP 2 opposite Dhanush.

Last year, Kajol was trolled online for posting a video of a beef dish. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had come out in her support, saying it was a dangerous trend that some people were becoming intolerant of food habits of others.


  1. I don’t think kajol’s arrogant, maybe she has some neurological issues, she should get herself checked out, nobody falls every now n then, especially when Ur walking straight


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