Kabir Singh director Sandeep Reddy Vanga hits out at film critics, calls them ‘parasites’


The director Kabir Singh has hit out at film critics calling them parasites. Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s comments came after critics and several women rights’ activists accused him of promoting violence against women.

Kabir Singh

Speaking to Anupama Chopra, he singled out one film critic Rajeev Masand for his all-out attack. He said, “I forgot that guy’s name. He’s one fat guy, who reviewed my film. With salt and pepper hair. What’s his name?”

When Anupama asked if he talking about Rajeev Masand, Sandeep said, “yes, Rajeev Masand. He reviewed my film and gave two stars, so audience gave me Rs 200 crore plus…I see him giving more than three (stars) for stupid films. For example, if I call Rajeev Masand a fat guy, it’s describing. If I talk about his rectus abdominis muscle, it will be objectifying.”

Sandeep did not stop here. Calling him a threat to the film industry, Sandeep said, “I think these guys are the threat to the film industry, not the piracy…They have become famous because of the films. In a very softer tone, I would say they are the parasites for the film industry… Rajeev Masand gave 3.5 to Sanju, who slept with 300-dd women. Everybody loved the film.”

Sandeep added, “One woman critic said that this film encourages rape culture.” Anupama said that the woman in question worked with her and she disagreed with her assertion about Kabir Singh encouraging rape culture.

Responding to allegations that Shahid Kapoor’s slapping of Kiara Advani in the film promoted violence against women, Sandeep said, “If you can’t slap. If you can’t slap your woman wherever you want. If you can’t slap each other, then I don’t see any emotion there (in a relationship)…Then there’s nothing unconditional about it.”

Kabir Singh has smashed all box office records with the film likely to cross the Rs 300 crore mark.



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