Journalist Sagarika Ghose lashes out at Anjana Om Kashyap with ‘disgrace’ jibe, Bollywood actress asks Aaj Tak anchor to ‘go to hell’


The mounting criticism against the Aaj Tak anchor for harassing an on-duty doctor treating patients at a Muzaffarpur hospital has continued even on Wednesday with the hashtag #AnjanaOmKashyap trending nationally. The latest amongst those criticizing Anjana Om Kashyap are senior journalists including Sagarika Ghose and Bollywood and TV actress Mona Ambegaonkar. While Sagarika, (whose husband Rajdeep Sardesai is Kashyap’s colleague in the India Today Group), has called out Kashyap’s actions by terming it a ‘disgrace’; Mona, on the other hand, has asked the Aaj Tak anchor ‘to go to hell’.

Anjana Om Kashyap

Reacting to the viral video of Anjana Om Kashyap, as reported by Janta Ka ReporterSagarika wrote, “This lady consistently gives journalism or (what passes for it in that channel) a bad name. She is worshipful of and obsequious to political power and bullying of citizens. A disgrace.”

Not too long ago, Kashyap had launched a veiled attack on Sardesai with a cryptic tweet, which many felt was targeted at the veteran journalist, now her colleague. She had written, “There’s a journalist. He has opened a coaching center for asking questions on-air. Once, when given an opportunity, could not go beyond asking about relationships between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Giving certificates to everyone is his job. Perhaps this is the frustration of being made to wait outside the door.”

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Meanwhile, Mona too took to Twitter to express her anger on the way Kashyap tried to intimidate a doctor, who was doing his best to save as many children as possible despite the existing challenges and resource handicaps. She wrote, “Someone tell @anjanaomkashyap to go to hell. Tell her if she has half a t**d up her a**e she should ask @DrHVoffice why there are not enough doctors in the hospital & why he didn’t take required medication to with him when he visited there. This beech aurat disgraces all humanity(sic)”

And similar criticism poured in from other journalists with some even demanding an apology from India Today.

Anjana Om Kashyap, on her part, has defended her action with a tweet and likened the criticism of her to the propaganda of heckling.


  1. The hospital authority should lodge a FIR against this lady on account of disturbing and distracting the doctor on duty with her provocating remarks. Infact, the patient’ s attendants should also step forward as she breached all norms of ICU care endangering the lives of their patients.
    The moron journalist made ICU look like a studio….


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