REVEALED! Why Govinda and wife Sunita have severed ties with comedian Krushna forever


Actor Govinda’s wife, Sunita Ahuja, has revealed why the couple had decided to sever all ties with comedian and the legendary actor’s nephew, Krushna Abhishek and his Kashmera.


Speaking to an English newspaper, Sunita said that they had distanced themselves from them and ‘it won’t change ever.’ This was after Krushna did not reportedly invite his uncle Govinda and Sunita for the birthday bash his twins, celebrated recently in Mumbai.

“Govinda and I were in London on that day (June 3), but that wasn’t the only reason why we didn’t attend the party. We were not invited for it and even if they had, we wouldn’t have gone. I have not seen his kids till date because of their parents’ misbehaviour. We have broken all ties with Krushna and Kashmera, and I swear I won’t initiate a patch-up this time around. I was a fool to do so two years ago. Govinda was right about them. It was my mistake that I thought that we should give them another chance,” Times of India quoted her as saying.

Sunita’s anger emanates from something Kashmera had written about the couple on social media immediately after they had appeared on Krushna’s TV show The Drama Company.

She told ToI, “Since we are also fond of the show’s producers, Preeti and Neeti Simoes, we agreed. All was well until Kashmera had the audacity to slyly write rubbish about us on social media, soon after that appearance. She referred to us as ‘People who dance for money’ in that post. Even if we were paid for that appearance, it was none of her business. Almost every Bollywood celebrity charges for appearances on TV shows. Plus, she is not the one who paid us. I don’t know if she has deleted that post now, but most of our relatives and family friends read it back then. Krushna claims that the post was meant for his sister Arti, but how come it was put up soon after we appeared on his show? She was nowhere in picture! He is Govinda’s bhanja and this is how they treat us! I was the one who convinced Chi Chi to go on his show. Henceforth, we have nothing to do with them.”

Govinda’s relationship with Krushna had turned sour in the past because after the Hero No. 1 fame actor found one of his jokes in poor taste. It was Sunita, who had reportedly mediated to resolve the issue between the two.

Krushna, for his part, hold Sunita responsible for the breakdown in his relationship with Govinda. Making it clear that he is no mood to reach out to his uncle for patch-up, Krushna said that his aunt had influenced the family ‘to an extent that now even their children (Tina and Yashvardhan) don’t talk to us.’

Recalling the reason why his relationship with Govinda had deteriorated two years ago, Krushna said, “Chi Chi mama was upset when during an episode of my comedy show, I said, ‘Main koi chhota aadmi nahi hoon, maine Govinda ko mama rakha hua hai’. I can’t fathom why they take humour so seriously. I am proud of my mama and I have apologised to him and his family time and again, but to no avail.”

Only last week, Krushna had confirmed that he had teamed up with comedian Bharati to produce a new TV show. “I want to come back to television soon and for the same, I am working on a comedy show with Bharti. It will be a super exciting show that will be a complete potboiler with some really interesting innovation,” he was quoted by Indian Express.



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