It’s Bigg Boss vs The Kapil Sharma Show as Kashmera Shah insults Shehnaaz Gill for comments on husband Krushna Abhishek


Kashmera Shah’s entry into the Bigg Boss house on Tuesday night appears to have triggered a war between Bigg Boss and rival The Kapil Sharma Show. This was after Kashmera rudely insulted Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif for comments on husband Krushna Abhishek who’s Kapil Sharma’s co-star on the Sony TV’s popular comedy programme.

This all started by Siddharth asking Kashmera to comment on Shehnaaz’s public perception outside the house. He asked, “How’s Shehnaaz looking outside? She’s cute isn’t she?” Kashmera replied, “You should know that better.” Siddharth continued, “How do you find Shehnaaz’s lips?” She said, “I find Mahira’s (Sharma) lips better.”

Siddharth asked her to not comment on Mahira’s lips since this was a controversial topic. To which, Kashmera said that she genuinely felt that Mahira had better lips than that of Shehnaaz.

It was here that Shehnaaz also joined the conversation by asking Kashmera about her comedian husband. She asked, “Tell me about Krushna.” A visibly upset Kashmera replied, “Address him as Krushna ji since he is elder to you.”

Shehnaaz replied, “It will look fake if I address him as Krushna ji.” Kasmhera said menacingly, “You look fake at times, so this will sound genuine from your mouth.” This left Shehnaaz stunned as she asked, “Please explain more how I am fake.” Kashmera said, “I will talk good about you today since this is your birthday.”

Shehnaaz, who was beginning to get emotional by now, said, “You are wrong. I am not fake.” Kashmera asked, “who? I or the whole of India?”

Shehnaaz was so upset by Kashmera’s comments that she decided to lose her cool at Siddharth blaming him for her bust-up with Kashmera. Kashmera was also seen taking a potshot at Shehnaaz accusing her of being disloyal to Siddharth by showering love on Gautam Gulati and Kartik Aryan when they visited the Bigg Boss house.

She said, “SidNaaz is a history. It’s more like FakeNaaz now.”

Bigg Boss is broadcast on Colors TV while Krushna Abhishek’s The Kapil Sharma Show is aired on Sony TV. However, Salman Khan is the common link between the two shows. While Salman is the host of Bigg Boss, his production company owns The Kapil Sharma Show. 



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