“Is Siddharth Shukla your brother?”: Video of man lashing out at Salman Khan and Bigg Boss goes viral


A video of an elderly man lashing out at Bigg Boss host Salman Khan for biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, an unidentified Bigg Boss fan is heard using harsh languages to slam Salman and the makers of this year’s Bigg Boss to demand reasons for the glaring biases.

He is seen saying, “He (Asim) says it on your face, so you feel bad about what he says. But Shukla abuses everyone, beats up people and abuses by dragging people’s parents, you make him urinate by placing him in your lap. Ask Salman (Khan) if Siddharth Shukla is your brother? Is he the son of Bigg Boss? He runs to beat up anybody he doesn’t like. And not to forget Paras (Chhabra). Have you guys hired two goons this time to beat up people? Asim is weak, so he becomes isolated.”

The video has gone viral amidst fans of Siddharth and Asim Riaz competing with each other to establish their respective idols’ popularity on social media platforms.

Both Salman Khan and Colors TV have come under scathing criticism from fans this year for condoning violence inside the house. Several journalists and analysts have expressed apprehensions that the ongoing violent behaviour and Colors TV’s tacit support to such behaviour may lead to someone’s murder inside the house.

But this hasn’t affected the makers or the show’s host as they’ve continued to turn a blind eye to the violent and abusive behaviour of certain contestants. One contestant was even accused of issuing rape threats to Asim Riaz’s sister.


  1. Asim is an idiot. He hasn’t got the guts. He knows without targeting Shukla he us a zero. He us just a parasite. He needs to duck on Shukla for him to be seen or exist. He us just a parasite and will only target Shukla as he knows Shukla is the most popular guy and targeting him clearly will allow him to exist. He us a complete idiot. Shukla us in a level of his own. All these people supporting Asim calling Shukla a bully or using fowl language. I would like to see what they do when 4 or more people attack one person ie rashmee Aseem Aarahan Vishal Madhurima and shefali Bagga at the same time I would like to see how all these so called sympathetic crowd behaves then. It’s very easy to talk big talks total idiots Shukla is way ahead in the game and as a person . People like Asim can only gain publicity by targeting Shukla otherwise they know it they are just nobody. People like Aseem are the cause of war they should be sent back wherever they cone from. All he dies is create fights and if a discussion ends he will go there again and ensure that the resolved issue is opened again. That’s his fidrat and that’s the way he is it’s people like Asim that screws India as a country and people like him should be banned from India.

  2. Trust me I feel the same uncle said exactly bcoz Salman would have tell to sidharth 1st bcoz Many many times He abuses every1 n even at the same day with choti wala boy But salman said nothing..Ths is nt fare bcoz we are audiance

  3. Siddharth shukla is so bad he dominated everyone he even cheat when it comes to task he take support from sana or arti he can never win alone because he is so bad he don’t know how to respect but he is being supported by colours tv and bigg boss rashmi is quite cos har ladki ko apni izzat pyari hai Salman never said that why siddharth said Goa aai thi mere piche no

  4. If you heard carefully the uncle says… Someone is teaching that uncle to say … For supporting asim and make siddharth down, not saying siddharth is good, he become like that if someone provoke him…. Agar patha ho wo kaisa hai, tho jatha kiyu jagadne uske pass… Like salman sir ne kaha just go away if know he like that abuse people… But asim be kam nehi wo bhi Siddharth ko badkar rahe… Can’t blame one person… Like rashmi she always say Siddharth gathar or something else when Siddharth got fight with someone… But Siddharth did’not say anything about rashmi behind her… We can’t judge she is a women so she is good , nobody is perfect


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