Is Shatrughan Sinha really angry with Kapil Sharma?


Veteran Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha appeared as the Sunday night guest on The Kapil Sharma Show with his wife Poonam Sinha. The show’s host, Kapil Sharma, began his interview by seeking a clarification on the matter of the actor-turned-politician being angry with him as reported by a section of the Indian media last year. Sinha replied in the negative.

Shatrughan Sinha

An entertainment website,, had reported in August last year that Sinha was not pleased with how Kapil made fun of the actor on his show. The website had quoted Sinha as saying, “I am sporting enough to take it on the chin. All the greats Lata Mangeshkar, Asha  Bhosle , Amitabh Bachchan have mimics impersonating them. It is fine , as long as the mimicry does not cross the limits of  decency”.

“This happened with me when Kapil Sharma made fun of me on his show. My daughter Sonakshi even reprimanded him. The mimic should not forget that he is paying a homage to a man or a woman he or she admires. Limits of decency should not be crossed. Also the mimicry should be restricted to the stage, and not taken out on the streets and certainly not into the Parliament.”

The reported adverse comments by Sinha, now a BJP MP, had come at a time when Kapil was passing through a rough phase of his life. However, on Sunday, he was relieved when the veteran Bollywood actor assured himt that there was no truth in the report.

Kapil began his show by asking ‘respectfully,’ “Sir, I want to first apologise to you. Although I don’t have such a high stature that you can get angry with me, but somewhere it was written based on sources that Shatrughan Sinha is angry with Kapil Sharma. I don’t trust sources since these sources have written a lot of negative stories about me. But now that you are here today live, I want to ask if you are angry with me.”

Sinha replied emphatically, “Absolutely not.” Kapil said, “Sir I love you a lot.” Sinha replied, “I also love you a lot and I am proud of you.” Kapil said that he was very grateful to the veteran actor since he had used his name to increase the popularity of his show in the past.

Sinha also congratulated Kapil for getting married last month.

You can watch the show here.



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