Irrfan joins intolerance debate, says ‘We should feel safe to say whatever we want to say’


At an event in Delhi on Tuesday night, actor Irrfan Khan joined the intolerance debate by saying that the celebrities particularly from the film fraternity too were part of this country and had ‘every right to express their opinion on national issues without any fear.’

Irrfan said that shutting up one’s mouth was not a healthy sign for a growing society.

“I find it very strange when few people say that actors should act and they should not express their opinions on issues. Everybody has the right to speak their mind and concerns. If you are told to shut up then this is not a sign of a growing and healthy society,” he said during the NDTV Indian of the Year Award function in Delhi.

The “Life of Pi” star, who has achieve international accolades through his acting said that expressing opinion was the choice an individual made.

“That’s an individual thing. Some people have an instinct of reacting on things while some people don’t.

“When Ang Lee came here, he was asked about his country’s politics. And he said we don’t speak about politics. This issue (intolerance) has been in news. We should feel safe to say whatever we want to say. We should be free to express ourselves,” Irrfan added.



Irrfan’s next big Hollywood film “Inferno” will see him acting opposite Tom Hanks.


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