Insulted by Salman Khan, Himanshi Khurana aka Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai called the most beautiful girl by Siddharth Shukla’s rival Asim Riaz


Himanshi Khurana may have been humiliated time and again by Salman Khan during her stay inside the Bigg Boss show, but she clearly won many hearts most crucially that of Asim Riaz’s, who publicly pronounced his love for Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai. After being beaten by Siddharth Shukla in the Grand Finale, Asim has opened up on his relationship with Himanshi Khurana, calling her the ‘most beautiful girl’ he’s ever met in his life.

Himanshi Khurana

Speaking to Indian Express, the first runner-up of the just-concluded season of Bigg Boss show, Asim said, “You fall in love without you even realising. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Going down on my knee, I was so excited to see her after two months. I was missing her so badly since I had spent two months without her. I was behaving like a 10-year-old child.”

Asim’s love story with Himanshi had become one of the most talked-about topics on social media. Even Salman Khan had commented on Asim’s relationship with Himanshi while blaming him for causing Himanshi’s break-up with her fiance.

Himanshi had entered the show the second time as Asim Riaz’s connection. Just like her stay the first time in the reality show, she faced more humiliation by Salman, who publicly stopped her from speaking. Many on social media had felt that Salman was unhappy with her because she resembled his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya.

Siddharth Shukla being declared as the winner of this year’s Bigg Boss had become a hugely controversial issue with enraged fans threatening to boycott Colors TV and Salman Khan in the future.

Asim Riaz had become globally famous during his stay inside the Bigg Boss house with WWE legend John Cena, and rapper Bohemia urging fans to support him. Team Fast and Furious 9 had mentioned him on Twitter. Himanshi later revealed that John Cena and model Paris Hilton had started following her on Twitter.

Meanwhile, soon after the reality show came to an end, Asim was seen partying with Rashami Desai and Himanshi.



  1. Look guys accept Siddharth Shukla the only man of the hour in BB 13 from beginning to the end. It didn’t matter which so called big names supporting silly asim would make any difference for supporting him! Big celebrity support means zero in this world. To think a big name will make you win is delusional at best. Siddharth won because he had more fan votes and you cannot take that away from him. So guys , sour grapes guys you either put up or shut up. Go and do something productive to valuable instead of mourning.

  2. Asim karta kya tha show me?khali jhgda ?sid nehi to dikhta b nehi tha.sid aggressive tha par atleast jitna din raha sab ko entertain b kiya.chahye maje se ya guse se.wohi hota he real actor.


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