Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar sensationally reveals how she faced ridicule in Bollywood; Kiku Sharda of The Kapil Sharma Show cracked jokes on height


Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar is arguably the biggest singing name in Bollywood today with all her songs clocking millions of views. But, it wasn’t always like that as the popular singer recently revealed. Both she and her siblings had to face repeated insults from the members of the Hindi film industry with many calling them ganwaar (illiterate).

This was revealed by Neha and her brother Tony Kakkar during their recent Instagram LIVE. Tony reminded Neha how they faced insults from people in Mumbai, who questioned their singing ability saying, “who are these ganwaars from Delhi?” This prompted Neha to add that those critics would be so disappointed seeing the Kakkar family’s success in Bollywood today.

Neha Kakkar has been forced to live in quarantine following a nationwide lockdown to fight the spread of coronavirus. She had joined her brother to pleasantly surprise her fans with an Instagram LIVE.

Neha had also revealed on how one should deal with physical shortcomings such as her short height. The popular singer had said that the current lockdown had made her immensely matured forcing her to reflect on life in general. She had said, “I have grown a lot in this lockdown period. Grown not in terms of age but experience.” The famous Bollywood singer then said that she learnt to appreciate God’s gift. She told her fans to not worry about what appeared to be shortcomings in life.

“You need to convince yourself that you are the most beautiful person. So what I have a short height. I know that I am the most beautiful person. And this is the approach you should also have,” Neha had added.

Neha’s last music collaboration saw her teaming with Yo Yo Honey Singh for Moscow Suka video, which has clocked more than 21 million views on YouTube alone.


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