Indian army’s reputation takes beating after former general calls for raping of Kashmiri women, terms it legitimate military tactics


A senior retired Indian army general has caused unending embarrassment for the Indian armed forces after he called for the raping of Kashmiri women as part of legitimate military tactics. Major General (retd) SP Sinha was taking part in a TV debate where he stunned everyone by calling for the raping of Kashmiri women.

Kashmiri women

Sinha yelled, “Maut ke badle maut. balatkaar ke badle balatkaar. (Death must be avenged by death. Rape must be avenged by rape.) I am speaking the truth.” When some panelists in the debate objected to the former Indian military general endorsing rape, he turned his attention to the members of the audience and sought their approval.

The anchor pleaded to Sinha to not make such objectionbale comments. ‘Please, nahi sir, you can’t say this,” she begged. But the motormouth Indian general was unstoppable as he continued to repeat his call for raping of Kashmiri women.

His comments will cause a huge embarrassment to the higher-ups of the Indian army internationally since Pakistan may now use Sinha’s diabolic pronouncement as evidence of the Indian army’s brutalities in Kashmir. Sensing the repercussions of Sinha’s public utterances, several former military generals took to Twitter for a damage control exercise.

Former DGMO Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia tweeted, “Insensitive & unfortunate. I am sure he has not been anywhere near d frontline or in contact in CT ops ever. Easy 2 talk in AC studio, undo all the good work and sacrifices of the army. Extreme views of an individual who is known to make obnoxious statements for momentary fame.”

Former GOC 15 and 21 Corps and Military Secretary Lt Gen (Retd) Ata Hasnain tweeted endorsing the comments made by Lt Gen Bhatia. He wrote, “Endorse all written by my coursemate and respected colleague. Those in thick of CT operations know what its all about. Human suffering witnessed upfront tempers opinion.Sometimes feel Pak Army’s system of clearing veteran offrs for public forums is correct. Loose missiles avoided.”

The Indian army has not made any statement on Sinha’s revelation on what he described as a military tactic. Lt Col (Retd) Sundeep Parija spoke for millions when he tweeted, “Major General S P Sinha has just defamed the Army. May I humbly request the @adgpi and @drajaykumar_ias to strip him of his Major General rank with immediate effect. This vile man has just destroyed a hard won reputation of restraint and patience of our Army. Personally affected.”


  1. A fit case to be ex communicated from the veterans community for bringing the armed forces into disrepute . A self styled defence expert who has never been in command of troops; the most cherished desire of any soldiers. For him anything east of Allahabad is high altitude.

  2. Maj Gen DP Sinha is from the Army Ordnance Corps a logistics organisation and has no experience in Counter Terror operations. Armed Forces function in such environment with utmost restraint and compassion. The General smacks of perversion.

  3. Gen Vinod Bhatia summed it up well. To get fame you either do something excellent or something very strange eg a man biting a dog. What this guy has done can only be explained this way. It’s a shame . Normally in the media objectionable language is somehow removed. This fellow is objectionable . Never ever must he be seen on a TV screen . Disgraceful .


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